When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the The Working Farm, Creative Residency, Family Residency and Institutional Residency in 2020 is November 6th, 2019 at 11:59PM EST.

Can I apply for multiple programs?

While we realize that more than one SPACE residency program may appeal to you, we ask that you please review all programs and apply only to the program that best suits your needs.

If I am a SPACE alum, can I reapply?

If you are an alum of The Working Farm, Family Residency, Greenhouse Residency or the Creative Solutions Symposium, you cannot reapply for these specialized programs; however, we highly recommend that you apply for a Creative Residency or any of our other programs that suit your needs.

We are a two-parent household. Can both parents/guardians apply for The Family Residency?

If you are a two-parent/guardian household, we encourage one parent/guardian to apply. In the instance that both individuals wish to apply, please know that while we have hosted two-parent/guardian households previously, it is possible that only one of you will be accepted. Please refrain from applying if this is a deterrent.

Can I apply for a Family Residency if I’m looking to bring at least one child who falls into the 3-5 year old age range and at least one child who falls into the 6-12 year old age range?

Yes. If you have children who span both sets of age ranges (3-5 and 7-12), we encourage you to select both Family Residency weeks when filling out an application (or the one week that works with your schedule). During the curation process, the SPACE team will make a decision about what week is most appropriate, in part, based on conversations with adult applicants and also the age ranges of other participating children.

If I do not live in the United States, can I still apply for a residency?

Yes! There is no geographic requirement for applying to SPACE on Ryder Farm. Please note, applications must be submitted in English. Also, with the exception of the Family Residency, SPACE is not able to provide financial support for travel to or from the farm.

What kinds of disciplines and projects are you able to support during Creative Residencies and Family Residencies?

SPACE has a variety of work spaces that can accommodate a wide range of disciplines including activists, film, music, theatre arts, visual arts and writing. At this time, we are unable to support dancers and choreographers. If you would like to ensure that SPACE will be able to support your needs, please email us prior to applying at

Why is there an application fee?

The volume of applications SPACE receives annually and SPACE’s commitment to maintaining a rigorous selection process requires a considerable amount of time for staff and industry professionals. Currently, all application fees are used to compensate the industry professionals who help SPACE’s curation team review materials.

How much do individual and small group residencies cost?

As of SPACE’s 2017 season, all individual and small group residencies are fully-subsidized. Residents are required to cover their travel to and from the farm. For reference, a round-trip off-peak ticket from Grand Central Terminal to Brewster Terminal is $30.00. Transportation between the Brewster Terminal and farm is provided by the SPACE team.

How much do Institutional Residencies cost?

All Institutional Residencies are partially-subsidized. SPACE bases nightly fees on an institution’s operating budget. Additionally, residents cover their travel to and from the farm. A round-trip off peak ticket from Grand Central Station to Brewster Station is $29.00. Institutional Residency fees for 2019 are listed below:

  • $350,000 or less ...... $45/night per resident
  • $350,000-$500,000 ...... $60/night per resident
  • $500,000-$1,000,000 ...... $95/night per resident
  • $1,000,000-$4,000,000 ...... $130/night per resident
  • $4,000,000-$9,000,000 ...... $165/night per resident
  • $9,000,000-$15,000,000 ...... $200/night per resident
  • $15,000,000 or more ...... $220/night per resident


How large can my Creative Residency group be?

SPACE’s Creative Residency program is able to host up to four individuals per group. While SPACE will make every effort to accommodate changes that may arise after you apply, given the unique nature of SPACE’s selection and curation process, we ask that at the time of application, you have identified all members of your group. SPACE will not consider applications that have yet-to-be-determined group members. Also, please note, if your group project advances to the finalist round of the selection process, all members of the group must participate in an interview.

Can I change a member of my group once I have submitted a Creative Residency application?

While SPACE recognizes that parts of your application may change between when you first apply and when you arrive on the farm for your residency, our residency offer is contingent on full participation of all members of the group listed on the application.

Can I defer my residency once I have been accepted?

In the unfortunate event that you are not able to keep the residency dates you have been offered, we will place you on that season’s waitlist. Residency offers cannot be deferred to the following season.

How long are residencies?

The Working Farm residency is five non-consecutive weeks during the course of SPACE’s June-October season.

Family Residencies are one week and are offered during the following times:

  • For 6-12 year olds- July 20th-25th, 2020
  • For 3-5 year olds- August 10th-15th, 2020

Creative Residencies are offered in three different lengths of time:

  • One-week residencies are offered June 15th-20th, July 27th-August 1st, August 3rd-8th, August 17th-22nd, August 24th-29th, August 31st-September 5th, October 5th-10th
  • Two-week residencies are offered July 6th-17th and October 12th-23rd
  • A non-consecutive, two-week residency is offered June 8th-13th and September 7th-12th

Can I request when my Creative Residency at SPACE will be?

Many factors affect the scheduling of Creative Residencies. The SPACE team spends a great deal of effort curating each residency week based on many different factors. If you advance in the selection process, you will be asked to indicate weeks that you (and your group, if applicable) are available to be in residence. We do our very best to work your availability into the curation process.

Is SPACE accessible for individuals with disabilities?

SPACE on Ryder Farm is located on a 223-year-old working farm. The property comprises 127 acres of active farmland, woodlands, lakefront, and pastures. Residents are housed in two facilities: The Sycamores, a historic 18th century homestead, and Kay Hall, a second house built in 1982.

Entrances to both of these buildings are free of stairs or accessible by ramp, and offer first floor bedrooms and bathrooms with access to kitchen spaces.

SPACE maintains a golf cart to assist individuals with mobility issues, and many artist workspaces around the property are accessible, including a renovated barn with ramp entrance that features a stage for rehearsals and performances.

SPACE endeavors to support all residents as fully as possible during their stay. Individuals with access needs are encouraged to contact SPACE's Director of Operations, Allyson Davis, at with questions regarding your particular needs and concerns.

What are the housing accommodations like?

There are two structures that house residents on Ryder Farm. The Ryder Family homestead, The Sycamores, is a beautiful house with an incredible history, dating back to the 18th century. It follows, however, that the accommodations are rustic. The second housing structure, Kay Hall, was built in 1982. Both houses are equipped with several bathrooms with showers and working plumbing, hot water and beds with clean linens; but if a farm environment makes you uncomfortable, SPACE may not be the right place for you.

Will I be sharing a bedroom and bathroom?

We endeavor to give each resident a private bedroom during their time at SPACE, but please keep in mind when applying with a larger group that some members of your group may need to share rooms. You most likely will be sharing a bathroom with other residents.

What are the work spaces like?

SPACE has ample work spaces both indoors and out. There are writing desks in each bedroom and large workspaces scattered throughout the historic structures on the farm. There is a large stage housed in our barn, an outdoor stage, a yurt, a gazebo a two-car garage and large chicken coop that have been converted into usable spaces. There are also acres and acres of farmland available for your use. Click HERE to learn more about these workspaces.

How far away from NYC is SPACE, and how do I get there?

Ryder Farm is approximately a ninety-minute journey from midtown Manhattan. The easiest way to get to the farm is via Metro North, departing from Grand Central Terminal. If you will be driving, SPACE will provide directions upon your acceptance to the residency program. If you will be traveling from outside the NY area, we suggest flying into one of NYC’s major airports and commuting to the farm via Metro North, or flying into Westchester County Airport and taking a car to the farm.

How does SPACE interact with Ryder Farm?

Since SPACE’s founding, SPACE team members, residents and volunteers have played a major role in restoring, enlivening and preserving Ryder Farm’s structures and landscape. Many of these structures are now used as workspaces by SPACE’s resident artists. To keep this tradition and our values alive and well, we ask that all residents give back three to four hours of their time for each week they are on the farm. This give back can include participating in farming, landscaping, maintenance, building or community initiatives. Residents, for instance, can help with planting or harvesting, assembling flower bouquets for the farmer’s market, cleaning dishes after one of the meals, helping to prep a meal, etc. Upon a resident’s arrival, a SPACE team member will circulate a sign-up sheet listing that week’s projects and also support residents during these give back opportunities.

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