“SPACE gave me a home when I felt like I didn't have one and a family when mine felt far away. In a winter that was chaotic and cold, my two weeks in the SPACE Season Extension Residency were peaceful, quiet, warm, filled with great food and a lot of love. Even in the darkest month of the year, the days at SPACE felt longer and more creatively productive than any others.”

-Emily Feldman, Season Extension Resident '18 and The Working Farm '17 


Applications for the 2019 Season Extension Residency are closed. Please check back in the late summer/early fall of 2019 for applications to the 2020 Season Extension Residency.

The Season Extension Residency offers artists and activists who are SPACE alumni the opportunity to return to Ryder Farm for a two-week or month-long residency in February to work on a project. The program serves SPACE alumni who have spent two or more weeks at SPACE through The Working Farm, Family Residency, Creative Residency (formerly General Residency) or Creative Solutions Symposium.

The residency is centered around three farm fresh, communal meals daily, and residents have flexibility to structure their days to best suit their needs and the needs of their project. The residency culminates with a short, informal sharing of the work accomplished while in residence at SPACE.

Kay Hall serves as the main living and workspace for Season Extension residents. Preference for the program is therefore given to individuals who are best served by a quiet workspace. Additionally, time at SPACE is granted to individuals who lay out specific objectives for their proposed residency and whose projects suggest a commitment to bettering the world in which we live. 

The Season Extension Residency will be offered February 1st-15th, February 16th-28th and February 1st-28th, 2019. Applicants will be asked to rank their residency preference(s) on the application based on what best suits their process, project and schedule.

All Season Extension Residencies are fully-subsidized. Residents cover their travel to and from the farm. For reference, a round-trip off-peak Metro North ticket from Grand Central Terminal to Brewster Terminal is $29.00. Transportation between the Brewster Terminal and Ryder Farm is provided by the SPACE team.


All Season Extension applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Applicants must have spent at least two weeks as a resident at SPACE on Ryder Farm through The Working Farm, Family Residency, Creative Residency (formerly General Residency) or Creative Solutions Symposium.

The Season Extension program accepts applications from artists of nearly all stripes, social justice activists and organizers. At this time, though, SPACE’s wintertime facilities are unable to support dancers, visual artists or musicians. If you have questions about whether SPACE will be able to support your project, email us prior to applying at residencies@spaceonryderfarm.org.

For the 2019 season, applicants may opt to apply for the Season Extension Residency in addition to one other program (e.g. The Working Farm, Family Residency, Creative Residency).


Watch our online info session video with John Baker, SPACE's Director of Artistic Programs, to learn more about SPACE residencies and how to best represent your work in your application.

Have further questions? Check out this FAQ.

Still have questions? Write to us at residencies@spaceonryderfarm.org.

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