The WOrking Farm

Eliza Bent - Adam Bock - Alex Borinsky - Cusi Cram - Daisy Foote - Ryan King - Basil Kreimendahl - James Tyler

Creative Solutions Symposium

H.O.L.L.A. with Cory Greene - The Gathering for Justice with Julianne Hoffenberg and Carmen Perez - Kings County District Attorney's Office Re-entry Task Force with Vanda Seward - NYC Anti-Violence Project with Robert Lopez, Yasmin Renee Safdie, Emily Waters, and Sue Yacka - U.S. Dept. of Arts and Culture with Adam Horowitz

The Family Residency in association with the Lilly Awards

Beth Nixon - Deepa Purohit - Sarah Ruhl - Georgia Stitt - Louisa Thompson Pregerson, and their children

Creative Collisions

Zakiyyah Ali of NYU Technical Assistance Center on Disproportionality - Bea Anderson - Kristen Calhoun and Roberta Uno of Art Change US - Gurpreet Chana - Jeff Chang - Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman of Climbing PoeTree - Ebony Noelle Golden of Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative



Sofia Alvarez - Ngozi Anyanwu -  Bandits On The Run - Kate Blomquist - Brotherhood Dance - Bekah Brunstetter - Alta Buden - Sarah Burgess - Jonathan Caren - Kate Chanba - Sandra A. Daley-Sharif - DODO: A Theater Collective - Mike Durkin and the Renegade Company - John Early - Jay Eisenberg - Madeleine George - Ruby Glaskin - Morgan Gould - Rebecca Hart - Suzanne Heathcote - Monet Hurst-Mendoza - Jean Marie Keevins - Daniel and Patrick Lazour - Dan LeFranc - James Lecesne - Katie Hyde Lewars - Allison Leyton-Brown - Hamish Linklater - Sam Mayer - Nedra McClyde - Suzanne McNear - A Moveable Feast with Kelly Miller, Mona Mansour, Erin Anderson and Qui Nguyen - Martha Pichey - Pig Iron Theatre Company - Max Posner - Louisa Thompson Pregerson - Deepa Purohit - Tyne Rafaeli - J.T. Rogers - Ken Rus Schmoll - Alec Seymour - Charly Simpson - Dave Solomon - Mfoniso Udofia - Alyssa Varner - Jenny Rachel Weiner - Tyler Wetherall



Ars Nova - Ensemble Studio Theatre - Page 73 Productions with Caroline McGraw and Brian Otano - Playwrights Horizons with Ariel Stess and Hansol Jung - The Relentless Award with Clare Barron and Sarah DeLappe - Soho Rep.


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