SPACE’s philosophy is simple: artists and social activists need the time and space to do what they do best--create. Residencies at SPACE are self-determined to meet the needs of each individual resident or group. The only requirements at SPACE are that residents attend three communal meals each day, share what they’ve developed while in residence at the culmination of their residency and give back three to four hours to Ryder Farm. The relationships that are forged at SPACE offer radiating benefits to the artistic and activist communities. Collaborations are sparked, relationships are built, ideas are challenged, curiosities are piqued. 
The connections born at SPACE last for years to come.

SPACE is deeply committed to the belief that inclusion, equity, support and radical hospitality are not only important to creation, but are vital in creating dialogue that leads to lasting change. In support of these values, as of 2017, all individual and small group residences are free to participants, and SPACE grants at least 50% of residencies to persons of color and other underrepresented voices.

Applications for The Working Farm, The Family Residency, Creative Residencies and Institutional Residencies are closed. Please check back in mid-2020 for applications to 2021 SPACE residency programs.

Applications for the Greenhouse Residency are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020.

Unless otherwise noted, week-long residencies for the 2020 season run Monday through Saturday.

Watch our informational session from September 17th on the SPACE on Ryder Farm Facebook page.


The Working Farm is SPACE’s resident writers’ group, which offers a cohort of eight playwrights, composers, lyricists or librettists a non-consecutive five-week residency on Ryder Farm during the course of the June-October season.



The Creative Solutions Symposium is a weeklong gathering for activists, advocates, organizers and thinkers. It seeks to support and nurture those who are exploring innovative solutions and advancing positive social change. 


The Family Residency, founded in association with The Lilly Awards Foundation, offers working parents and their children (ages 3-12) time and space to work during a one-week residency on Ryder Farm.



The Greenhouse Residency offers aspiring playwrights who have not had access to the professional theatre community a weeklong residency to write and participate in workshops with mentors and other theatre professionals.


Creative Residencies provide individuals and small groups with one or two-week residencies on Ryder Farm to create away from the stress and noise of everyday life and to be in the company of other artists and activists.



Institutional Residencies provide 501c(3) organizations and incorporated ensembles with time and space for the writing or workshopping of commissions, strategic planning and retreat opportunities away from the hustle and bustle.


The Season Extension offers alumni the opportunity to return to Ryder Farm for a two-week or month-long residency in February to work on a project.

The program is currently only open to SPACE alumni.

The following programs are currently by invitation only


The Film Lab brings together a diverse cohort of early and mid-career filmmakers, directors and screenwriters for a fully subsidized weeklong stay at Ryder Farm.


The Bryan Gallace/Posthumous Prodigy Productions Fellowship

The Bryan Gallace/Posthumous Prodigy Productions Fellowship is an annual award, which offers a musician time and space on Ryder Farm to create new work as well as transformative financial support.


"The breathtaking, spiritually stirring beauty of the place, the nature that's within its acres, the lake, woods, plants, animals, birds and insects that live here have brought out and inspired a passion for trying to create something visual that I never knew I had." 

- David Cale, The Working Farm '15 and Creative Resident '18 & ‘19