"SPACE has literally become my home away from home while I'm living in the city.  During the internship I grew so close not only to the other interns but to the entire team and a number of the artists.  SPACE demystified the whole industry for me, peeling back the impenetrable, cut-throat artifice of the New York theater scene and exposing how supportive, tight-knit, and loving the community is.  There are plenty of other awesome things I learned to do, like learning to cook and plant and build a bonfire, but really I can't accent enough how incredible the people are on this farm."

- Xander Browne, 2017 Intern

The internship at SPACE offers emerging artists and arts administrators a hands on, immersive and impactful experience. The internship equips participants with necessary and useful skills that will aid them in their transition into the professional arena. SPACE selects nine to twelve interns (college students, recent college graduates or young adults) to live on the bucolic centuries old Ryder Farm over a period of six to eight weeks during SPACE’s residency season, which runs May through October annually. The SPACE intern corps shares living quarters and communal meals with roughly 250 residents each season at Ryder Farm. 

SPACE interns make vital contributions to the daily operations of the organization while learning the skills and forging the relationships needed to succeed in their careers. The SPACE Internship engages participants in the artistic, programmatic, culinary and administrative functions of the organization as well as the ongoing care, maintenance and groundskeeping of Ryder Farm and its facilities. Interns gain skills and training including office management, hospitality, event execution, helping to prepare, serve and clear communal meals, taking part in sharings of work-in-development from resident artists, and support research that informs SPACE's marketing and development efforts. Beyond their practical training, interns benefit from the dozens of connections made during their internship, with independent artists, industry leaders, and representatives from notable arts organizations in New York and beyond. 

SPACE interns can expect the benefits of career training through guidance by Emily Simoness (SPACE’s founder and Executive Director), one-on-one mentoring with a SPACE team member and meaningful connections with a variety of artists and activists. The SPACE Internship Program is a natural extension of the organization's commitment to personal and professional growth.
All interns receive housing and three farm-fresh meals daily. SPACE will also assist interns in obtaining college credit when possible. Internships typically last 6 consecutive weeks between June and October (with Mondays off).

Please email Maggie Raymond at with questions.