What is SPACE? What is its Mission?

SPACE on Ryder Farm is a New York 501(c)3 nonprofit residency program founded in 2011. SPACE creates an environment singular in its ability to invigorate artists and innovators and their work, and contributes to the sustainability and resourceful preservation of one of the oldest organic family farms on the East Coast.

What is the role of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors of SPACE on Ryder Farm provides governance to the company by stewarding and protecting its mission. The Board of Directors is responsible for the fiscal health of the organization, its representation in the community and accepts ultimate legal authority for it.

What qualities are we looking for in a SPACE Director?

  • Passion and belief in the mission of SPACE on Ryder Farm

  • Absence or approval of any conflict of interest with SPACE on Ryder Farm

  • Desire, readiness and ability to play a leadership role within the institution

What is the time requirement of a Director?

Directors are expected to attend all meetings of the Board (the Board meets quarterly), and participate fully in discussions and deliberations. 100% attendance is particularly encouraged for the annual meeting of the Board, typically held in December in New York City. Directors are also expected to join at least one committee (such as finance, capital or development/fundraising) based on their expertise and/or interest. Combined with additional advising and assisting of staff when needed, this should come out to approximately 4-6 hours per month.

Who leads the Board?

The Board of Directors is led by four officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. These officers, along with heads of committees, comprise the Executive Committee. Term of office is one (1) year. Officers are elected at the annual Board meeting, which is typically held in December. Officers may be re-elected to successive terms, without limitation.

What is the Term of Office for a SPACE Board Member?

Term of office is one (1) year, and members can be elected at any meeting of the Board. Any person may be re-elected, without limitation, to serve successive terms as a member.

What is the fundraising expectation of Directors?

As SPACE continues to build its Board of Directors, we seek committed individuals with a variety of skills to join our team. New members joining the Board in the 2019 Fiscal Year are asked to contribute a minimum $7,500 give/get annually. Directors are also asked to attend at minimum two fundraising events (of which there are many) and to bring friends (and potential supporters) to SPACE events whenever they can. Additionally, it is expected that Directors will assist staff in identifying, cultivating and soliciting perspective individuals, institutions and corporations that they are connected to in order to grow SPACE’s circle of friends and supporters as well as its contributed income.