“Ryder Farm created a scenario where my children did not have to feel threatened by my work. They could enjoy their time with new friends, and then enjoy our time together in the evenings, and my work could be part of the day, but not the deciding factor that took one of their parents “away” from them. Since my children were able to feel included in this trip, and had their own artistic work, they felt fulfilled and most importantly, safe.”

-Kirsten Greenidge, Family Residency ‘17


Applications for the 2019 Family Residency are closed. Please check back in the late summer/early fall of 2019 for applications to the 2020 Family Residency.

Now in its fifth year, SPACE on Ryder Farm’s Family Residency, founded in association with The Lilly Awards Foundation (spearheaded by Julia Jordan, Marsha Norman and Pia Scala-Zankel), provides a weeklong residency on the farm for working parents and their children.

The Family Residency offers an artist-parent with structured time to create, while their child(ren) participate in nature-focused arts programming under the guidance and expertise of professional theatre educators. All family residents (parents and children) enjoy three communal farm-fresh meals daily. The residency culminates in short, informal sharings of the work accomplished by both parents and children while in residence at SPACE. 

As of 2018, SPACE welcomes artist-parents with children who are 3 to 12 years of age to apply.

If you are a two-parent/guardian household and both parents wish to participate in the residency, both parents must demonstrate in separate applications that they have a need for time and space to work.

The Family Residency is offered during these two weeks:

  • July 29th-August 3rd (for children 6-12 years old)

  • August 19th-August 24th (for children 3-5 years old)

If your availability and your child’s age does not correspond to the designated week, we ask that you check back for our 2020 application, which will be posted toward the middle of 2019. If you would like for more than one child to join you at SPACE but the children fall into two different age categories, please contact residencies@spaceonryderfarm.org to discuss your options.

All Family Residencies are fully-subsidized. Residents may need to cover their travel to and from the farm. If you are traveling from New York City, a round-trip off-peak Metro North ticket from Grand Central Terminal to Brewster Terminal is $29.00. Transportation between the Brewster Terminal and farm is provided by the SPACE team. As of the 2018 season, accepted Family Residents are able to apply to a travel fund to help offset their travel costs. The allocation of funds is based on a resident’s geographical location and financial circumstances.


The parent applying for The Family Residency must be at least 18 years old, and the child(ren) who will be in residence must be 3-12 years old.

SPACE’s Family Residency program accepts applications from artists of nearly all stripes, social justice activists and organizers. At this time, though, SPACE’s facilities are unable to support dancers. 

Prospective residents may only apply for one program in a season, with the exception of the Season Extension Residency. Additionally, while former Family Residency participants are not eligible to reapply for The Family Residency, they are encouraged to apply to SPACE’s other programs.


Watch our online info session video with John Baker, SPACE's Director of Artistic Programs, to learn more about SPACE residencies and how to best represent your work in your application.

To make sure SPACE will be able to support your project, please take a moment to read about the workspaces available at SPACE

Have further questions? Check out this FAQ.

Still have questions? Write to us at residencies@spaceonryderfarm.org.

Family residency 2019


“My time at SPACE was one of the most productive and happy times in my life. The land is inspiring, the staff is extraordinarily kind and caring, and the ethos makes one want to move and stay all year long. SPACE is completely artist centered and the staff listens deeply to artists about what they need to thrive. The week I spent there was for parents and children, and was such a happy integration of my work and family life, It was more than a week of getting writing done—it was an experiment in how to live.” 

-  Sarah Ruhl, Family Residency '16


The Family Residency is supported in part by The Lilly Awards Foundation, Sustainable Arts Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.