“You'd think that a writer would adequately be able to describe something they love, but when it comes to SPACE I lose language. I can't tell you how special my experience there has been: I've never worked so productively in my life. Processes that would have taken me months, took me hours, and my conversations with fellow residents helped shape my work and spirit in ways I am so thankful for. It's a place that I'm going to carry with me forever, I think.”

- Arabelle Sicardi, Creative Resident ‘18


Applications for the 2019 Creative Residency are closed. 2020 Creative Residency applications will open on Wednesday, September 11.

Creative Residencies provide individual artists, activists, organizers and small groups (up to 4 people) the opportunity to create and ideate away from the stress and noise of everyday life in the company of other individuals. Residencies are centered around three farm fresh, communal meals daily, and residents have flexibility to structure their days to best suit their needs and the needs of their work. Creative residencies culminate with a short, informal sharing of the work accomplished while in residence at SPACE.

Time at SPACE is granted to individuals and small groups who lay out specific objectives for their proposed residency and are committed to bettering the world in which we live.

In 2019, Creative Residencies will be offered in three different lengths of residency time:  


      June 10th-15th
June 17th-22nd
      July 8th-July 13th
      July 15th-July 20th
      July 22nd-27th
      September 9th-14th
      October 7th-12th

Two-week, consecutive:
     August 5th-16th
     October 14th-25th

Two-week, non-consecutive :
    June 3rd-8th & 
    September 23rd-28th


Applicants will be asked to rank their residency preference(s) on the application based on what best suits their process, project and schedule.

All Creative Residencies are fully-subsidized. Residents cover their travel to and from the farm. For reference, a round-trip off-peak Metro North ticket from Grand Central Terminal to Brewster Terminal is $29.00. Transportation between the Brewster Terminal and Ryder Farm is provided by the SPACE team.


All Creative Residency applicants must be at least 18 years old.

SPACE’s Creative Residency program accepts applications from artists of nearly all stripes, social justice activists, thinkers and community organizers. At this time, SPACE’s facilities are unable to support dancers. 

The individual listed as the Primary Contact on the Creative Residency application cannot be listed as the Primary Contact on any other Creative Residency application, though they may be listed as a Collaborator. With the exception of the Season Extension Residency, the Primary Contact cannot apply for any other SPACE program for the 2019 season (i.e. The Working Farm, Family Residency, Greenhouse Residency, etc.).

Incorporated ensembles and 501c(3) organizations are not eligible for a Creative Residency and are encouraged to apply for an Institutional Residency.


Watch our online info session video with John Baker, SPACE's Director of Artistic Programs, to learn more about SPACE residencies and how to best represent your work in your application.

To make sure SPACE will be able to support your project, please take a moment to read about the workspaces available at SPACE

Have further questions? Check out this FAQ.

Still have questions? Write to us at residencies@spaceonryderfarm.org.

2019 Creative residents

Frankie J. Alvarez & Marty Brown - Lindsay Amer - Kevin Armento - S. Erin Batiste - Rachel Bonds - Nadia Bowers - Kristen Adele Calhoun, Zakeya Monique, Chris Myers & Stephanie Rolland - Heather Christian - Olivia Clement - David Cote - Erin Courtney - Mashuq Mushtaq Deen - Annalisa Dias, Anna Lathrop & Ronee Penoi - Andy Van Dinh - Colman Dingo - Rachel Farmer - Leah C. Gardiner & Rupi Kaur - Justine Gelfman - Ame Gilbert - Sarah Hammond - Kana Hatakeyama - Celisse Henderson - Seonjae Kim & Miranda Haymon - Chen Lo & Asante Amin - Shayan Lotfi - Kareem M. Lucas - Poona Makhijani - Kylie Manning - David McDevitt - Grace McLean & Kate Douglas - Jennifer Mendelsohn - Michelle Moncayo - Shakina Nayfack - Mara Nelson-Greenberg - Hallie Elizabeth Newton - Nancy Pappas - Naomi Raddatz - Noah Rubenstein - Travis Russ - Ken Rus Schmoll - Phaedra Michelle Scott - Keith Randolph Smith - Brendan Spieth & Gabriel Ebert - Georgia Stitt and Warren Adams - James Anthony Tyler - Zack Zadek


"When I'm in residence at SPACE, I write more and better. The fact that it’s beautiful and comfortable certainly helps, but more importantly SPACE puts the artist at the center."

- Sam Hunter, Creative Resident '13 and '14, member of The Working Farm '15