"When I'm in residence at SPACE, I write more and better. The fact that it’s beautiful and comfortable certainly helps, but more importantly SPACE puts the artist at the center."

- Sam Hunter, Creative Resident '13 and '14, member of The Working Farm '15

Applications are currently closed for 2018 Creative Residencies. Please note there has been a change to our application cycle: applications for the 2019 Creative Residencies will open in mid-August 2018 and close in early October 2018. Please check back then!

About Creative Residencies

Creative Residencies provide individual artists, activists, organizers and small groups (up to 5 people) the opportunity to create away from the stress and noise of everyday life and to be in the company of other individuals. Residencies are centered around three farm fresh, communal meals daily, and residents have flexibility to structure their days to best suit the needs of their project. Creative residencies culminate with a short, informal sharing of the work accomplished while in residence at SPACE.

Time at SPACE is granted to individuals and small groups who articulate a distinct aesthetic and point of view, lay out specific objectives for their residency and have an interest in bettering the world in which we live.

In 2018, Creative Residencies will be offered in the following lengths of time:  

  • One-week residencies are offered throughout the course of SPACE’s June-October season

  • A two-week residency is offered July 30th-August 10th

  • A non-consecutive, two-week residency is offered June 4th-June 10th and September 24th-September 30th

Applicants are asked to rank these options based on what best suits their process, their project and their schedule.  

All Creative Residencies are fully-subsidized. Residents are required to cover their travel to and from the farm. For reference, a round-trip off-peak Metro North ticket from Grand Central Terminal to Brewster Terminal is $29.00. Transportation between the Brewster Terminal and farm is provided by the SPACE team.

Playwrights and composers/lyricists may submit an application for a Creative Residency or The Working Farm, but not both in the same year.

2018 Creative residents

Todd Almond & Kate Douglas - Kevin Artigue - Stephen Belber - Sarah E. Brooke - Sarah Burgess - David Cale - John J. Caswell, Jr. - Shana Cooper & Ian Merrigan - Lisa D'Amour, Katie Pearl and Sxip Shirey - Safia Elhillo - Lee Sunday Evans & Jerry Lieblich -
Julia Gibson - Isaac Gomez - Suzanne Heathcote - Elliah Heifetz - Anita Hollander - Obehi Janice - Ryan King - Nambi E. Kelley - Joseph O. Legaspi - Mei Lum & Diane Wong - Deb Margolin - Daria Miyeko Marinelli - Michael McElroy - Syreeta McFadden -  
Lenelle Moïse - Tomas Moniz - Riley Mulherkar - Joyce O'Connor - Brian Otaño - Deepa Purohit - Arabelle Sicardi - Lizzie Stern - Mikaal Sulaiman - Ikechukwu Ufomadu - Betty Yu