Hello friends,

On November 23rd SPACE’s inaugural KICKSTARTER campaign was launched.  What ensued in the following 30 days shocked, awed, humbled, and inspired me beyond words.    

Some Facts:
*16 days into our 30 day campaign we raised $8,000, reaching our initial goal.
*194 people pledged to SPACE.
*In the end, $12,570 was raised, meaning the campaign was 157% funded.

Let me take a moment (or a paragraph) to thank the beautiful souls who took the time and means to support us:

Thank you Peter, Amy Jo, Ky & Kelley, Penelope, Joshua, Peter, Sarah, Sam, Shane, Keola, Joe, Isaac, Kim, Leigh, Kate, Anna, Jean, Kathleen, Arthur, Aaron, Reginald, Tanya, Mallory, Mat, Jane, Josephine, Eliza, Joan and Clayton, Magdalene, Jennifer, Paul, Kristin, John, Erin, Douglas, Holley, Barbara, Ashley, Kimberly, Jen, Tony, Joe, Raffi, Matt, Lee, Jon, Dan, Adam, Mary Beth, Melanie, Kevin, Tom, Mark, Libby, Mike, Margaret, Susan, Ben, Nic, Maeve, Tamara, Jared, Daniel, Deb, Annie, Anne, Stuart, Ava, Robert, Grace, Will, Jon, Chris, Mike, Ian, Matt, Megan, Elizabeth, Joe, Jim and Kay, Farrell, Erin, Alejandra, Ellen, Kerry, Debbie, Cassy, Carrie, Elizabeth, Tala, Pamela, Danny, Diana, Dylan, Greg, Morgan, Kerry, Jon, Evan, Lucas, Sarah, Zak, Lee, Danny, Allison, Micah, Karl, Colt Coeur, Sabrina, Jenna, Brian, Todd, Tony and Jeannie, Sarah, Alex, Kristen, Nancy, Adrea, Lucas, Kelly, Ryan, Matt, Stella, Melissa, Emma, Jennifer, Ethan, Christian, Dan, Tipps, Corn Mo, Kathryn, G.T., Louiza, Marc and Nancy, Gretchen, Lori, Glennis, Joanne, Achilles, Paul, Liz, Tom, Adam, Suzy and Kathleen, Bob and Tish, Greg, Joe and Missy, Tudi, Rachel, Cathy, Michael, Jo, Michael, Celia, Jerzy, Rob, Emmy, Alison, Alan, The Life and Times Of, Amy, Benjamin, Stephen, Santino, Eric, Charlotte, Pirronne, Adrine, Jake, Lauren, Alianne, Donna, Blake, Francesca, Vella, Paul, Douglas, Nancy, Brianna, David, UZIMON, Daniel, Crystal, Troy, Eric, Kathleen, Hallie, Celia, THE JAM Theater Collective, Michelle, Lisa, and Gabrielle.  

I cannot wait for 2011.  The new year promises to be a thrilling time for SPACE.  The vote of confidence this campaign has given me and the organization is immeasurable.  

Let’s make some moves!

     Emily Simoness (executive director SPACE on Ryder Farm)