What is your name? Where are you from?
My name is Tasha Lawrence. I live in New York. I’m from Canada originally, born in Edmonton Alberta. 

What is the project you’re working on at SPACE?
I am working on Lucy Thurber’s fabulous play Asheville.
How have you been spending your time at SPACE?
Mostly in rehearsal which has been great. Today is only day 3. I did do some yoga yesterday. I went for a little walk today. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to brave the lake. I like to think that I will. The snake is a problem for me. If someone paddles me out to the middle I’ll consider it. I’d come back here in a minute. Anytime. I love it here.
What’s coming up next for you?
I’m sure there will be something by the end of September, let’s put it that way. Actually I have a couple auditions coming up for things in the city, so maybe those will pan out.
If you were to be reincarnated as a farm animal, what would you be?
I’d have to pick a dog. I’m sort of partial to horses cause I rode them competitively for many year. You know a dog is the way to go and here is why: You’d get to lay in the sun all day and then move to the shade. People take you swimming. People feed you. People give you head, neck, and body massages on a regular basis. And you get to sleep in a human’s bed. That’s a good life