SATURN comes to SPACE.

SATURN (a play about food) is the fifth in a series of ecology-inspired Planet Plays currently being created by Superhero Clubhouse.  Inspired by the myth of Cronos (aka Saturn), contemporary nutritional/agricultural science, and the experiences of married couples around the age of thirty, SATURN will combine fiction and non-fiction, performers and non-performers, music, movement and an onstage meal in an attempt to examine our relationship to food, to each other, and to our environment.   
Superhero Clubhouse is a society of theater artists engaged in making original, community-driven plays and events about the natural world via a green and collaborative process. The experiments of SHC involve cultivating an intrinsic relationship between the ideals of ecology and the processes and content of theater. Through their work, they hope to form lasting collaborations with scientists, activists and artists from diverse mediums in order to further develop and define the future of a green and unique theatrical event. www.superheroclubhouse.org