ROCKBERRY, by Nick Jones, Directed by Peter James Cook.
A satirical sci-fi thriller about the importance of art and artists from the author of The Coward and the director of Sailor Man. In rural New Hampshire, something lurks outside the fence of the prestigious artist colony of Rockberry. Kareem, an unexceptional young playwright, languishes in the shadow of his ambitious fellow artists until one night, a close encounter with a creature from the future reveals his destiny: to create history’s greatest work of art, the ultimate one-man show. But as the competition for Rockberry’s “Genius Award” heats up and Kareem’s competitors begin to meet grisly ends, time and space itself begins to melt and the one-man show approaches its fateful curtain…
JERSEY SHORE is a new play from the SLANT Theatre Project being developed by David Lee Nelson and Thomas Ward.  The play is about a group of lifelong friends who gather to celebrate their friend’s second wedding.  Adultery, fidelity, children, sunburns, mortgages, bachelor parties for 32 year-old divorcees, and the near impossibility of having your cake and eating it too are all examined as the characters stand at the crossroads of prolonged youth and real adulthood. Ward’s play Binge was produced in NYC last year with SLANT, and Nelson’s one-man play Status Update will be at 59E59 and the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. SLANT co-founder Adam Knight will be in attendance at SPACE with the writers.