What is your name? and Where are you from?
Mando Alvarado. I live in L.A. now, but I’m originally from South Texas.
What are you working on while at SPACE?
It’s a play called Parachute Men. it’s about three brothers, one of them returns home after a five year anniversary of their mom’s death.
How have you been spending your time while at SPACE?
So, during the days we rehearse, talk, I try to create pages, and then at night we get drunk.
What do you have coming up next for you or this project?
I have a reading of this in August for a thing called The Two Rivers in New Jersey, and I have another play going up in August.
If you were to be reincarnated as a farm animal or anything on the farm what would it be?
A Rooster. I’m trying to think of something sloth like that doesn’t have to do much, or a tree. I could be a Sycamore. 
Interviewed by Elizabeth Lail