SPACE: Who are you, and what is the project you have been working on at SPACE on Ryder Farm?

JILL: We are The Little Chatterboxes of Bingen…do you wanna spell it?


JILL: And our project is called Touristico Fantistico.

ADAM: That’s T-O-U-R-I-S-T-I-C-O Fantistico.

SPACE: Wait. So you made up a name? I thought you were just going to  say, “I’m Jill, and I’m Adam, and we’re working on this”.

ADAM: Yeah, when we applied it was misconstrued as to who we are and the name of the project. According to SPACE we’re Adam Lerman and Jill Du Boff doing The Little Chatterboxes.

JILL: Yeah, our little group is The Little Chatterboxes.

ADAM: But my name is Adam Lerman.

JILL: And I’m Jill Du Boff.

ADAM: And the project, Touristico Fantistico, is an exploration of our experience…

JILL: Traveling through America, and what America has taught us.

ADAM: It’s in the format of an informal dinner party.

JILL: And the way we tell our story, or the way we present the evening, is through stories, music, drinks and cooking.

SPACE: So where are you guys in the process of this project?

JILL: Well, before we came up to SPACE all we had were just hours and hours of recordings from the trip and ideas.

ADAM: We had built the structure of one song-

JILL: And one story.

ADAM: And one story. But aside from that all we had were field recordings, recorded interviews and a couple hundred photographs.

JILL: And now we have three songs.

ADAM: Three songs.

JILL: More stories.

ADAM: More stories, and something almost like a radio segment…

JILL: And we have a clearer idea from where to go from here. When we came to SPACE we weren’t sure what we wanted and everyday we decided it was something else.  One day we just decided it was an album, one day we decided it was a project that was dead in the water, one day we decided it was just a presentation of stories; but now we’re clear on where we want to go from here.

SPACE: Where is the project headed next?

JILL: I think next we need to create more stories and more pieces of music.  I think now we need to create more of everything and then pare back into what will fit into an evening.

ADAM: Once we build a bigger a world of content, the next solid step is understanding the arc of whatever this presentation is.

JILL: The journey of our journey.

SPACE: Last question, and it’s the cheesy one.  If you could come back as a farm animal or a vegetable, what would you come back as?

ADAM: You know, I would like to come back as an animal with low overhead and high yield.

JILL: Like…a sheep?

ADAM: Yeah…maybe a sheep! Because you could be sheared, produce milk, make cheese, and they don’t consume as much as a cow because they’re much smaller. I think I would want to come back as a sheep!

JILL: Yeah I think I’d want to be a sheep also. Yeah.

SPACE: This is why you’re married.

ADAM: What about as a vegetable?

JILL:  As a vegetable…I’m a fan of eggplant, but I know a lot of people don’t like eggplant.  But I think an eggplant would be nice because it has that squishy middle and hard exterior, but if you tapped me I would make a really cool hollow sound.  A deceptively  hollow sound. 

ADAM: And that’s interesting because just like artists, not everybody likes them even if you may have some profound goodness for some people.

JILL: Yeah.

ADAM: I would want to come back…as a basil plant.

SPACE:  What’s behind that choice?

ADAM: Again, sustainability. Also, it adds such a great…punch to so many things, and most people like basil.

JILL: You can eat it in something, you can eat it by itself. We had gotten this basil plant and we just started eating it on the way home one day.

ADAM: You were just munching on it like a guilty little animal.

JILL: It was a giant plant that [Adam’s] cousins had given us and so in the elevator I just started eating it.

ADAM: You were eating on the subway, you were eating it on the elevator…

SPACE: Well thank you. You guys are fun!