Tell us about your time at the farm.

My time at the farm has been amazing. I came here not really knowing what I would be up to or what type of program SPACE was, but it all makes sense now, and I love it here. My day usually consists of helping with all the meals, whether it be cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. I also have side projects here that are more administrative, and I get to interview an artist every week, which is great because I get to learn more about what they’ve been up to and how they spent their time at the farm. Right now I’m working on a project where we are taking inventory of old things in the Sycamores. We’ve found dresses from the 1800’s, old love letters, cook books, pictures, etc. It’s really crazy how much history that house contains. During my free time here I like to see what the artist are up to, so I’ve gotten to sit in on Kobi Libii and his group work-shopping, or listening to Alejandro’s poem, or watch Cedric film his video (just to name a few). I’ll also help the farm interns with farming when I can, so I’ve helped plant scallions, wash veggies, and pick flowers for bouquets. I love taking walks to the top of eagle ridge and the lake too, when I can. Staying on the farm is really about what you make of it, but I have absolutely enjoyed every minute here.

What are you studying in school? 

I’m studying Nutrition at NYU, but I used to dance ballet religiously, so the combination of food, farming, and the arts was what drew me into SPACE.

How did you find out about SPACE?

I found out about SPACE through the NYU Nutrition department listserv. Nothing interesting…but I did find out when I was here that Bri (the director of food), was the one who asked the department to send out the internship information, so I’ll just say that Bri is the reason I discovered SPACE.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

Coming from a foodie, I have to say that my favorite part is the food and cooking. Especially when we get to use the fresh, organic vegetables from the farm - it makes all the difference. I love being in the kitchen cooking with whoever the head chef is too because it’s the best bonding time, and they are all wonderful people (everyone at SPACE is.)  I also loved driving the jeep down to the bonfire/lake because it’s like you’re on a ride, and because you end up in the most beautiful location. Also, I loved when the artist would show us what they were working on. It was so inspiring and entertaining. So many favorites!

What was the most challenging part of your internship?

[The most challenging] part had to be the small kitchen space. It could probably only hold 2 people semi-comfortably, and the little room to open the oven door was definetly my least favorite thing at the farm. 

If you could be anything on the farm what would it be?

After interviewing all the artists and having to ask them this exact question, I have had a lot of time to think about which farm vegetable or animal I’d be. It was between scallion, chives, or kale, but I went with kale. I chose kale because it is basically water repellent (when you wash kale, unlike other vegetables, the water doesn’t get all soaked into the veggie, so it makes it so much easier to dry and use after.) As a human, I think that would be an awesome characteristic to have for when it rains. Also, kale is so unique in its flavor, way better than plain lettuce, and you can eat it fresh, saute it, bake it, fry it, etc, so it’s very versatile, which I like. Also, I like the color green, so that’s another added bonus.