First off let’s just start with who you are, where you are from.

Laura Marks, I’m originally from Kentucky and now I live in Brooklyn.

What brought you to SPACE?

Well, I got a lovely email from Julia saying that this thing was happening and that you could bring your kids and your spouse. I thought that was an amazing idea because it’s something that my playwright mom friends and I talk about. We just don’t apply to the residencies and colonies nearly as often as we could because we think, “How are we going to leave our families?”

So, that’s why having the support of these kinds of family-friendly retreats and conferences is potentially a real game changer for a lot of parents. I’ve never heard of anything like this, so this is really the genius of the Lilly Awards people, Julia, Marsha, Emily, and Pia all coming together to make this happen.

What have you been working on with your time here at SPACE?

I started a new play. I think that’s one benefit of a setting like this, is that maybe the slower pace encourages you to relax and take risks without fear of failing. It seems like just as our kids are having a ball exploring and trying new things, I should do the same.

While you’ve been here at SPACE where have you found you like to work?

I have really enjoyed the deck on the back of Kay Hall because you’re looking out over a pond, and all of this green just spreading out on all sides below. It’s really beautiful and a good place to stare off into the distance when you don’t know what to do next.

Last question, if you were an animal on the farm what would you be and why?

That’s amazing. I think I would be one of the twenty-five sparrows that appear to live in that birdhouse. I actually think there are only two, but I would be one of the sparrows because I think it would be a really sweet place to live.

Interviewed by Cameron Morton