THE BIG FIX, by Lee Sunday Evans.

THE BIG FIX begins as a town-hall meeting where five captivating and
impossibly idealistic performers pitch ‘The Big Fix,’ speaking as intoxicatingly
about the promise of collective grassroots action as they do about most
people’s desire to feel safe, have a home, and truly sense that they belong.
But the show always remains slippery and unfamiliar: it blends aspects of an
electrifying political speech, an emotionally cathartic family dinner, and an
unpredictable Tom Waits concert. The structure of the town-hall meeting is
continually subverted as the performers get increasingly uncomfortable with
inspiring slogans or elaborate solutions and find themselves grappling with the
aspects of our lives that drive our decisions and form our opinions – our families,
our daily struggles, our most dearly held dreams, and our deep-seated fears of
experiencing pain, loss and hardship.
This show is intended to tour to small theaters and music venues around the
country in 2012; it will not be directly political or include political references, but
is intended to engage the hearts and imaginations of beleaguered U.S. citizens
during what promises to be a particularly volatile and vitriolic campaign season.

WALLED IN, by Zachary Fine, Directed by Diana Buirski, and created in collaboration with Christopher Tramantana.

More than one hundred and fifty years after Henry David Thoreau left the woods near Walden Pond, would-be historian Kcaz Enif has uncovered the mystery of what really happened in that famous cabin. The problem is everyone thinks he’s an idiot!
Part fantasy, part mythology, part clown-show, and all inspired by Thoreau’s Walden, Walled In investigates one man’s determination to live the life he has imagined.
Walled In will be presented by Frances Black Projects in the fall of 2011 at IRT (New York City).