What are your names and where are you from?
Julia Motyka
My name is Julia Motyka, and I’m sort of from New York City and I’m sort of from Binghamton, New York. I’m going to give Binghamton some pride.
Jessi D. Hill
I’m Jessi Hill and I’m from Denver, Colorado. 
What are you working on here at SPACE?
We’re working on a solo performance piece that was conceived by both of us and written by me. It’s about the mutability and transformation of memory over time and from person to person, how that affects the present tense of any individual’s life, especially in the context of exploring the nature of mental illness. Particularly how it relates to members of my family. It’s a bit of an audio landscape with a fair bit of written narrative and we’re just beginning to play with form. 
How have you been spending your time on Ryder Farm?
We had a lot of research and ideas coming here, but hadn’t had a concentrated period of time to explore. We’d been meeting once every two to three weeks and downloading the information that had been compiled but hadn’t been able to work with each other in a rehearsal process and go to bed and wake up the next day with our work. Being here has really provided us an opportunity to treat this like we’ve been in rehearsal. We’re actually able to construct the first little piece of the play which didn’t exist previously.  
What do you have coming up post-SPACE?
I am currently doing a lot of audio book narration. You can listen to me on audible.com. I’m doing a lot of that. I’m also doing a lot of really fun developmental readings throughout the fall with various folks. A really terrific play about Alzheimer’s which I’m helping to develop.
If you could be reincarnated as one farm animal, what farm animal would you be?
It’s funny. We were just having this conversation, so I guess I should just continue it. Although there are no horses on this farm, I think I would be a horse. Horses have made everything possible for humanity. They are incredible creatures physically. They are so fast. I would never expect to be that fast. And to be able to only eat carrots, cause I’m vegan. I think it would be an easy transition. 
I think my answer might be different tomorrow, but today I would be a pot-bellied pig. Not raised for slaughter. They may not be on many farms. They just run around looking cute and are very smart. I’m so tall and everything about me is very long and everything about them compact. Yet they are extremely flexible. They’re fast, and they feel snuggable. 
Interviewed by Jim Bulluck.