What is you name? Where are you from?
Jess Brickman is my name. I’m from New York.

What’s the project you’re working on while at SPACE?
GT Upchurch and I are working on adapting three novels by Pat Barker collectively called The Regeneration Trilogy. We’re adapting them for the stage. They’re about a bunch of the British World War I poets such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon and there experiences during the war.

How have you been spending your time at SPACE?
Eating a lot of great food. In terms of the work GT and I have been having a blast talking about how we would stage it, having an amazing time, and hanging out with Socks (our visiting farm dog) who I am in love with. I’m getting a chance to creatively relax in a way that is virtually impossible anywhere else.

What’s coming up next for you after this?
In terms of theater I have a play that just had a reading and hopefully will move on to production somewhere soon. i am going out to LA in July to work in television for a couple of weeks. I’m also working on this play that is what I’m really obsessed with that I’ve been forcing GT to talk about on breaks.

If you were to be reincarnated as a farm animal what farm animal would you be?
I would be Socks the dog or a Super Food like quinoa.

Interviewed by Elizabeth Lail