What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Jen and I live in New York.

What project have you been working on at SPACE?

I’ve been working on an as yet untitled new play that, um, is written for two middle-aged women. (laughs) Which is something I’ve never done before.

For two middle-aged women?

Yeah. It is written for, as in the characters are two middle-aged women. So it’s a two-hander… and it’s, like, you know, a two-hander for two mid-50 year olds.

And how new is this project?

Brand, brand new.

How have you been spending your time at SPACE?

I’ve been…I thought I would come here and just write the whole time. And I’ve been thinking a lot and walking a lot, and reading a lot and kind of just…like I feel like I’ve just started out on the surface of my project…and actually I’ve sunk a lot deeper into it. 

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m headed to New Mexico next for two weeks to work with a fusion theater company in Albuquerque and then I’m doing PlayPen in Philadelphia in July.  

What’s that?

PlayPen is a developmental conference. You work on a play for three weeks there and I’m working on a play called Wild Blue. So I’m kind of going to be traveling a little bit this summer and working on a couple of different projects in a few different locations, so I’m particularly excited about being able to come back to SPACE and being able to refocus my energies on this two-hander.


Because I feel like I’ll be able to think about it the whole time and kind of, like, live next to it, but this will be sort of the concentrated time I’ll have to really, like, write. 

So you’ll be working on multiple projects at the same time this summer?

Yeah, which is pretty standard I think.

Yeah. And last, but not least. I like this one: if you were to be reincarnated as a farm animal, which one would you be and why?

Is this an animal that is existing on this farm, or just like a farm animal in general?

I think a farm animal in general.

I’m taking this very seriously.

You should, yeah. There’re a lot of interesting farms out there too. There’re buffalo farms.

There’re probably giraffe farms.

Yeah, fish farms?

Fish farms! Oh god, that’s so true. It’d be awesome to be a fish. Are there shark farms?

I dunno, maybe like shark rehabilitation centers.

That would be phenomenal. 

I don’t know if anyone does that. People don’t have a lot of sympathy for sharks. 

I do. I think they’re misunderstood.

I agree.

I think if I were to be a North American farm animal, I’d be a spider. Because you can set up shop anywhere. 


You can set up shop anywhere, and then tear it down very easily and start over again.

That’s true. You do have a lot of predators though. 

That’s true, but you are also a predator. You’re a strategic predator, as opposed to simply an aggressive but unintelligent predator. 

Right, that’s cool, I like it. 

Yeah, I could be a spider.

Interviewed by Stella Gibson.