What is your name and where are you from?
Jahn Sood. I’m from Maine, but I live in New York City

What is the project you are working on at SPACE?
It’s called The Disappearing Man, and it’s a folk musical set in the 1930s, though the music sounds more like it’s the late 70s. It’s about a bunch of performers in a second rate circus. Backstage drinking, and telling their stories to each other, and eventually murdering each other.

How have you been spending your time at SPACE?
i’ve been working a lot on the book of the musical. I just had a workshop in the spring and a big concert so we did a lot of work really quickly on the spot. This is kind of my first chance to look at it again slowly with time and space and see what I want to do to improve it. But yesterday as I was working I got distracted and wrote a song for it. I’ve also been working a little bit on my grandfather’s memoir that I’ve been writing. So I’ve been kind of alternating because the French Ladies here have been talking about so much history, it was in my mind to go back and fix this one section and I got a little carried away and kept going with it. Yeah I was led by the other people here to put a little focus into that. I also went swimming.

What’s coming up next for you or your project?
This project we’re going to perform again in October in Brooklyn at this place called Cloud City. It’s gonna be like a circus party with a reading of the play woven into it with actual circus performers. We want to use that to really show what kind of environment we want to put the play in and pitch it to theatres again. That’s the next thing for the piece, but in the meantime, I have a bunch of concerts and a bunch of other projects I’m working on.

If you could be reincarnated into a farm animal, what animal would you be?
Well, I feel like they all have it pretty good. They get fed and they wander around. Like those sheep are living the life. I was talking to the sheep yesterday and they’re pretty happy. But they’re also not the smartest. The chickens are stuck in a small area. There’s not a cow here, but cow’s have it pretty good too.


Interviewed by Elizabeth Lail