Stella’s with us all season and will be writing periodically about her time on the farm. Here’s her first post. Stay tuned for more!

It’s harvest day at Ryder Farm again as we get ready to go to Union Square Market in the morning. Knives in hand, the crew heads to the north field to gather lettuce. We skim the rows looking for the biggest, healthiest, ready-to-be-picked plants. Eighty Romaine, fifty red, and fifty merlot is our ‘lettuce’ quotient for the day. Merlot is always an intrigue for customers at the market. Looking at its purple leaves, you might wonder if it’s truly watered with wine. But the real show stealer this season has been a vegetable called Kohlrabi. Pronounced like ‘Cole Robbie’, it’s actually a hybrid spin-off of cabbage and broccoli. The ‘meat’ of the plant is a dense orb with medusa-like leaf stalks sprouting from the top. But don’t be intimidated by appearances, the flesh itself is sweet and crisp. It can be eaten raw—cut up like apple slices, or cooked into a stew or stir fry. The broad leaves of the plant can also be prepared like collard greens and are just as nutritious.