GOODS AND SERVICES is an exciting new multi-disciplinary theatre piece, in the tradition of Kneehigh Theatre’s Brief Encounter or Mabou Mines’ Dollhouse and Peter and Wendy. Co-conceived by Jesse Geiger and Gregory S. Moss, with Producer Elizabeth English and Composer Nathan Leigh and contributions from A Collection of Shiny Objects affiliated designers and actors, it will incorporate drama, object theatre, media and movement to explore the problem of defining yourself by what you can buy. THE WALMART PROJECT will follow Campbell, a fictional would-be journalist and recent college graduate, who, in search of his voice as a writer and newly broke, decides to invent his own rite of passage: spending a week in the bargain hunting wilderness of America’s largest retail chain on a budget of $100. What starts as a straightforward documentation of the idiosyncratic characters he meets transforms into a comic Heart of Darkness, as exhaustion and paranoia propel Campbell into a consumerist delirium. In response to how the shoppers treat it, the merchandise begins to take on a bizarre life of its own. The real-world people he encounters become grotesques of themselves. As in a vision quest, the environment of the store reflects back to Campbell his internal struggle with questions about class, adulthood, consumerism and identity.