This September, Dramatic Adventure Theatre enjoyed its second annual retreat at Space.  As a company combining travel, service and theater (see more at we’re a group of people regularly inspired by other and elsewhere and out there. Emily’s invitation to get out of town, meet, cook and work together at Ryder Farm has been a formative part of our company’s growth for the last two years. We look back at the year’s achievements and challenges; we plan for the future.  We weed and plant.  We bond – in the gazebo and by the bonfire; in structured sessions and casual conversation over the endless vegetable chopping. When it’s all over, we return to New York with a feeling of unity and rejuvenated purpose. It’s like taking a mini-trip together.

In keeping with DAT’s tradition of exploring other cultural traditions and in light of the bite-sized demands of the internet, I asked company members to write haikus giving impressions of our time at Space.  I also threw in one by Jack Kerouac for added legitimacy (maybe).  Can you find it?

- Kathleen Amshoff, DAT Associate Artistic Director


Sunny round table

 Our future in Ecuador

Shining in Yellow. 


Tranquil air to breathe

Creative ideas soar



The Garden of weeds

Dirty hands and knees

Making room for life


Friends watch from the shore

Swim far in the fading sun

Cold, fresh lake water


With cherry wheat beer,

and home now here on this farm,

the Andes seem near.  


Glow worm

Sleeping on this flower - 

Your light’s on. 


Cooking together

Working the fields as a team

Bonfire on the lake 


Decadent eggplant

We can flush with a bucket

This is luxury.


Marshmallows to eat

Marshmallows to wear

The Marshmallow Queen was there. 


Bryant and Drew laugh

Mary and Jesse get mad

How did work get done?


Secret, sweet cookies

Everyone only gets one

Watch out for Kathleen.