I’m here with Clare Barron.

That’s right!

Where are you from Clare?

I’m from Wenatchee, WA, which is central Washington State.

And you live in New York now?

Yeah, I live in Brooklyn, in Gowanus.

Nice. So what are you working on this year at SPACE?

Right now, I’m actually working on a brand new play. I don’t know what it’s called or what it’s about, but I know it involves a cat; it’s about ten pages. And I’m actually writing by hand a lot, which is really lovely. And then later in the season I’ll work on plays that I’ll revive or stuff that I’ve already worked on. But right now it’s so lovely just to have the time and space to like dive into something totally new with no expectation.

This is your first time at SPACE?

I came last year as part of Young Blood EST, but it was so different because there was like 20 people here, and so to be here with only six other writers is really…it’s like a different universe.

That’s great! And where have you been spending most of your time while you’ve been here?

Today I wrote down by the lake, which I love, but I guess most of my time has been spent in The Sycamores. I love the little parlor, and I’ve also been taking really long runs down to the track, which is really nice to do.

Yeah, it’s a nice trail! Do you have a favorite part of the farm?

Ooo! It changes. Right now, I really like the sheep and the Nuptial Garden.

Nice! And do you know John Ryder’s a shepherd? He takes care of them. It’s like a thing!

There are special dogs somewhere!

There are about four or five sheep dogs.

I’m excited to meet them!

What’s up next for you? Any plans for the near future.

Whoof! Well, I’m off to Colorado for the next week. I’m going to the Perry-Mansfield New Work Festival. I’m very excited to do that. I’m maybe going to drive cross-country this summer with my friend Alex to Montana and then go home for my best friend’s wedding. Yeah!! I don’t know much more than that. And then coming back to SPACE. I think I’m spending some time with new York Stage and Film. I’m just excited to be a person again and have free time and clean my room and become a human being!

You went to Yale, where are you now?

So I was out of school for a while, but I went back to Brooklyn college to get my MFA. So I’m starting my second year there. And I love it! I love it. I love it.

So you have until September off?

Yeahhhhh! Right now my life is kind of changing every month. I’m kind of just going with what is happening now. Like two months ago, I never suspected I would be going from Romania to the Farm to Colorado. It’s always like “wait, what’s happening…Oh! Okay.” But that’s also why I love it. It’s unpredictable.

When you go to the festival next week, what are you going to be working on?

Well, what’s great about SPACE is that we have a place to breathe and there’s no pressure to produce a product. This festival is a more traditional workshop where we work on plays and then there’s a formal presentation at the end. And what’s cool about SPACE is that you can really do whatever you want.

But if you wanted to share here, you feel comfortable?

Yeah! This group is so special. I feel very lucky to be here with this group of people. Everyone is so generous, and I love listening to everyone’s stories and getting to know them. I knew a couple of them, but a lot of the writers I had never met, and it’s such a gift to get a peek into other people’s journeys. I’m finding it very special and I’m feeling very lucky with this group of people.

Okay, and zany question here, but if you could be any farm animal, what would you be?

I would be the sheep, because we’ve all agreed that they are very attractive, sensitive sheep. They have beautiful long legs, and beautiful long faces. And I’m not super superficial, but I’m just very impressed by the sheep’s elegance. And they’ve taken up a space in my heart. And those sheep is living large!

Yeah, all the animals here get treated so well here! They let the chickens out to run around too. Any big plans coming soon?

Well, it’s crazy because I have been very hot and cold, but this year is very open and mysterious. I am acting in a show with Target Margin Theatre but other than that it’s open! I usually find out about things a month before they happen.

Thank you so much for talking!

No, thank you for helping me with my Facebook event. Put that in there! I hope that isn’t too boring.

Interviewed by Mason Hensley, immediately after he helped Clare Barron set up a Facebook invitation for an event which, sadly, you’ve already missed