SPACE: What is the company name and project that you have been working on at SPACE on Ryder Farm?

Cedric: The name is the Friday Uke Cover, yeah, it’s a weekly thing, and my name is Cedric, Cedric Lamar, and I am working on my Friday Uke Cover.

SPACE: So what song are you doing this week?

Cedric: This week - well yesterday,  I chose to do We are going to be friends by the White Stripes, and I’m going to film it here. It’s kind of like a love letter to Ryder Farm, it’s filmed all over the farm.

SPACE: Where are you in the process?

Cedric: I am now editing the whole music video, so while I was here I picked the song, I recorded the song, mixed the song, filmed footage, uploaded it, and now im editing it all and I hope to be done in about an hour!

SPACE: Have you done anything else at SPACE besides the music video?

Cedric: Because the video took place all over the farm, we hiked, we climbed trees, we went to the dock, you know, we had a bonfire, and so I recorded some of the bonfire too, but yeah, I tried to just use it all.

SPACE: How do you see your project proceeding from this residency?

Cedric: I’ll post the video, hopefully tonight, because it’s Friday, and that’s when it’s supposed to go up…

SPACE: What time do you usually post it?

Cedric: I usually post it between noon and 3 o'clock, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen because i’m accomplishing in a day and a half what usually takes me 3 to 4 days, so yeah, it was really nice to focus in and think that this is all I have to do.

SPACE: So if you came back in another life and were a vegetable or farm animal, what would you be?

Cedric: Oh man, that’s a good question…that’s a hard question…I think i’d be a rooster, yeah…

SPACE: A Rooster? With all the ladies around you..

Cedric: Ladies, ladies, ladies…No, I just like how vocal he is about “Hey, this is me, this is what I do, I’m cool.”