Hi, can you tell the good people your name and where you’re from?

My name is Bobby Moreno, and I’m from Texas, mostly.

So you started acting in Texas?

Yeah. I moved out of Texas when I was in the fifth grade. I was in band and dropped out because I didn’t get first chair.

What instrument did you play?

Trombone. Then I thought, “I gotta start doing something else.” That’s when I started theatre. And I liked it. I did my first big play my eighth grade year. I played Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” I was the tiniest, highest pitched voice Scrooge there ever was. And then I just started doing it from there.

Tell us about the project you’re currently working on at SPACE.

I’m kind of up here with EST [Ensemble Studio Theatre] and just dabbling in whatever the writers kind of crank out. We read Amy Staat’s play yesterday – “Hands,” about the competitive world of hand modeling. Pretty world class journalism. And we’re gonna read Matt Paul Olmos’ play this afternoon. So, I’m just here as a facilitator for the writers.

Awesome. And how did you get going with EST?

A friend of mine was directing a play in the EST Marathon, like, five or six years ago and just asked me if I wanted to do it, which has kinda been how I’ve gotten the biggest success in my career: just people being like, you know, “Hey, you wanna do this thing?” And I was like, “Sure!” I mean, I knew EST was cool, I didn’t really know that much about them at that point and it was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it!” Taylor Mac does these one man shows, and they turned one of them into a full show. All the characters that he would do fully live out with all of us. It was a high school prom, pretty dark, twisted, weird. Then I’ve just never left there. So, yeah, for the past five or six years, it’s been my home away from home. Or, actually, just my home. And then my regular home is my home away from home.

Where on the farm have you been hanging out the most? Or where’s your favorite place.

Well, we went out on the lake today – or, as we call it, “the sea” – and rode all over and came up with some pretty cool songs. I was just listening to someone else, so it’s not in my head anymore… what is it? I can’t remember anymore. Man! It’s a song about motor boating! It’s a really good song if I could think of it. It was stuck in my head before, but now it’s gone. But the lake was pretty sweet. I gotta say I haven’t been over here by the vegetables, but I think I might just spend some time looking at them, because they look really delicious. Also, I like the horses. I got to pet one and that was nice.

I haven’t gotten to pet one yet. I’m so jealous.

He  was so close! I just put my hand out, and it was really quick, and then I touched his nose and he was like, “Okay I’ve had enough of you” and ran off. I like Porch, too, Porch the Cat?


He’s a very friendly cat.

Porch has never been nice to me.


Porch doesn’t like me.

I’ve heard he’s hot and cold, so maybe he’ll come around.


If you kind of just rub his neck with the back of your hand, he likes that.

Cool. I’ll try that. What’s next for you and EST? Are you working on anything after this?

I hope so! But I don’t know. There’s always something going on with them. There’s always brunches, readings. It’s nice. I was out in LA for six months, I decided, “I’m gonna move to LA!” And I moved up there, and I didn’t really like it. Probably because I didn’t have a lot to do. There were, like, a couple times I did some readings or some shoots or something out there, and it was just boring. It’s so nice to be back out here where I’ll just get a call from Graeme saying, “Hey you wanna come read with us this week?” And then I’ll go do something with them. Last week I worked on some radio plays with them and that was really fun.

I love radio plays. Is there anything exciting just coming up for you as an actor?

Yeah, I’m gonna go to Cape Cod Theatre project with another play by Ryan King. After that I’m just wide open. But we actually have this variety show we started with EST called “Last Call.” It’s music comedy, magic, clowns, dance, burlesque, poetry, all kinds of crazy stuff. Last year was our first year, and it went really great. This year they actually put us on a definitive night, so we’re on the third Saturday of every month. And my band is gonna be playing up there a bunch, that’s probably the thing I’m most excited about right now. We’re called The U.S. Open, and it’s a bunch of actors from New York that are rockin’ out, just rockin’ out hard. We play hard rock all the way. So, that should be pretty cool.

You play the guitar, right?


I’ve seen you around the farm playing.

Yeah. I think it’s like… people discount how creative nature can make you, you know?  The whole job of art is to synthesize the world around you, and out here you’ve got so much of the world right in your face, you know?

Yeah, yeah.

With some space to think about it. These are like my favorite times during the year, you know? You just go to some random place in the woods and bond with your friends and make art. This is why I got into it, you know?

What more could you ask for?

You don’t worry about making money or anything really. It just simplifies everything.

If you were reincarnated as a farm animal, which farm animal would you be?

Well, rooster is an obvious one. But, like, a horse. A horse would be sweet. Like, we would grow up as a horse, right? You wouldn’t just be a horse.

Yeah, you’d grow up as a horse.

I’d like to have the whole life of a horse to live. Yeah, absolutely. What they live like 20 years?

I actually don’t know. Probably. That sounds right.

Yeah, I’d be a horse. What would you be?

I really like goats, actually.

Really? They climb like crazy. I’ve seen pictures of them up on, like, cliffs and stuff.

Yeah, that would be really cool.

I wouldn’t want to be a cow. I mean, you just know you’re gonna get eaten.

That would be kind of depressing.


And whenever you, like, go by a field of cows they’re never doing anything. They’re just kinda standing. Horses can run around.

Have you ever walked through a field of cows? They follow you.


Yeah. And if you turn around they stop. And then you turn back around and they follow you again.

That’s so funny.

It’s really creepy.

I had no idea. Have you seen the sheep?

No, I haven’t gone over there yet. I have time to wander around though.

You should try to see the sheep. They’ll just come up to you. I was petting one the other day. He just came right up to me.

I’ll have to go over there…

Interviewed by Emma Munson.