The last weekend in August (28ththrough the 30th) was an inspiring time for me. A special group of artists and I sojourned up to the farm. The goal of the weekend was to begin the rehabilitation of the Ryder family homestead. SPACE gave these artists a place to lay their heads, grub and libations, and a sprawling natural landscape. Janey Abbott, Grant Chapman, Jacob Ford, Ben Gunderson, Ian Holcomb, Isaac Klein, Ashley Noel, and Harry Poster gave SPACE their time, labor, passion, and belief.

We made HUGE progress scraping away layers upon layers of paint in the homestead’s large living room. My cousin John Ryder (who resides on the farm) spent the week following our trip spackling the newly restored walls and ceilings. …The hope is to paint the room before the winter.

The work we did made it possible for Dramatic Adventure Theatre to use SPACE on Ryder Farm for their company retreat (more on that later…).

Even though we are in our infancy, SPACE has renewed and reinvigorated my belief in the artistic spirit. I can’t articulate how humbled I have been by the support of my artistic colleagues.

Thank you Isaac. Thank you Harry. Thanks Ian. Thank you Jacob. Thanks Janey. Thanks Ashley. Thank you Ben. Thank you Grant.

Originally posted Saturday October 3rd, 2009