Hi! Hi! I’m out on the Bowling Green here chatting with Alta Buden while she plays cornhole with Mfoniso Udofia! Where are you from, Alta? 

I was born in New York City, and I grew up mostly in Westchester. 

And you live in the city still? 

Yeah, I live in Brooklyn. In Green Point. 

What are you working on here at SPACE? 

 I am working on a photographic printing process called cyanotype. 

How long have you been working on this type of art? 

Since I arrived here on Tuesday! 

Great! And what other art forms have you primarily done? 

I mostly work with cut paper, so I usually sketch out a drawing and then with an Exacto knife, I cut it out of paper, leaving positive and negatives. 

And when/where have you presented your work? 

 I’ve shown my work in a few galleries. I recently showed my work at Alfred University’s gallery. That was a show with all paper cutting artists, which was really exciting. I had a piece in a show in Brooklyn a month ago, so…

[Mfoniso scores a three-pointer] 

I’m being schooled! It’s getting hot out here! 

So what is your favorite place to hang out here on the farm? 

I’ve been working out in the corncrib all week, but right now it’s the corn hole field! I also like my room…the Ely room. It’s super nice. 

What’s next? Where are you off to after this? 

I am going to do a self-made residency in Hudson, NY next week, with a couple of writer friends. We are going to go to an old house, just like this and cook and write and make more art. 

[Mfoniso makes another shot] 

She’s schooling me! But I’m a grad student at Hunter doing my MFA in Visual Arts so that’s what’s big on my plate. 

Are you going to do any cyanotype when you go back to school? 

I haven’t really decided. I will hopefully keep doing it. 

You’re going to be a second year next year in your program at Hunter? 

I’ll actually be in the second half of my first year there…I started in February so it’s a little weird, but I’m excited. I also run a gallery on the lower east side with a couple of different…OH! 

[Alta has made a game-changing shot] 

OH! Yesss! That’s a three! Does that make it even? 

Yes, it does.  Okay, crazy question, but if you were a farm animal, what would you be? 

That’s tough. Here on this farm it would be the retired polo horses for sure! In general, I would probably be a barn cat. You know, they’re cool! They hunt, they roam, they’re kind of independent. What would you be? 

Me? I would probably be…I’d probably be a horse. Especially those retired ones. They have the dream life. 

I know! And there is only two of them! They have the whole place to themselves. 

Last question! What’s been your favorite part of SPACE? 

Can I just say I, like, everything

You can! Okay, what’s different about SPACE than anything else you’ve done? This is so different than anything I’ve done. The meal times have been different…it’s kind of nice because it puts you in a schedule and allows you to get social with people that you might otherwise be too shy to talk to. How else do you get corn-hole happening?

Interviewed by Mason Hensley