What are your names and where are you from?
EB: My names is Emily Bate and I’m from Philadelphia.
MK: My name is MJ Kaufman and I’m from Brooklyn. I also spend a lot of time in Philadelphia.

What is the project you are working on at SPACE?
EB: We are working on a play called Destiny Estimate, written by MJ-
MK: And composed by Emily. It’s a play about destiny and fate. It follows the story of this character named Myles. They have a lot people around them who die at the same time. The way that their deaths get talked about is really different. They go on a journey about the idea of fate, where it comes from in western literature and what purpose it serves or doesn’t serve.
EB: I would add there is a collision of different narrative styles. In those styles, there are different ideas about human beings, like who can control their fate. The main character is rooting around in all of that. They are trying to find something to make life easier for them.

Where have you been spending most of your time at SPACE?
MK: I have moved around quite a lot. I’ve done The Sycamores, Kay Hall, and the garage. I haven’t been to the chicken coop yet. Maybe that’s next? I have gone in the lake almost every day, twice actually. I went running down there in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.
EB: I mixed it up because there are so many spaces to work in. I wanted to check out all of them. I was in the barn, which is really great for singing. The yurt and the gazebo are also nice for singing. I liked all of those. The last couple days, I’ve just been hanging out by the back of the kitchen. I like the gentle hubbub of everyone coming and going all day.

What is coming up next for you guys and your project?
MK: Our project is going to start rehearsals in two weeks. We’re going to hustle back to Philly and dive in. The show opens October 20th. We’re doing it at Christ Church Neighborhood House. Emily is also about to head to a UK tour.
EB: I’m going on tour with another show very imminently: tomorrow.

If you were reincarnated as a farm animal, which would you be and why?
MK: I think goats have a lot of fun. They can jump and eat everything, but they get killed to be eaten. Whereas if you’re a horse, you get to have a long life. It’s a toss up. Maybe a goat-horse? Some cross between the two.
EB: They might not get eaten! Not too much.  
MK: Yeah, maybe they get kept around to produce milk and such.
EB: I don’t think I would care to be a farm animal. I’m glad they exist, but I feel a little weird about it.
MK: Not even a chicken?
EB: No, not a chicken! So dumb.
MK: But you’d get to crow every morning.
EB: That’s true. I do love that aspect of it. I guess I would be a chicken, the sing-iest animal.