What is your name?
My name is Terrance Flynn

What project are you working on while on the farm?
Redoing a memoir proposal for an interested publisher.

Where have you been spending most of your time on the farm?
In that front parlor of the main house that has the Ryder family portraits staring me down. It’s haunted and I thought I would just try writing in there once, but the next day I found myself  back in that  room. I love how it smells like an old book. I also love the writing yurt because writing yurt.

So what’s next for you after the project here at SPACE.
A collection of short horror stories linked by the forest at the foot of Mount Fuji called the suicide forest. One of the stories depicts the interview process for the person whose job it is to remove dead bodies from the forest. I also have an idea for a new memoir.

How long have you been working on the first memoir?
About 5 years. I wish I could say it’s not been interrupted by life and laziness and child-rearing and divorce and alcohol but--

If you were reborn as a farm animal, which animal do you think you would be and why?
I’m researching octopuses. All I can think of is an octopus. Did you know they have ferocious beaks made out of the same material as our fingernails and birds’ beaks? Sorry. An octopus is not a farm animal, and there probably aren’t any in that pond or in Peach Lake, but yea...

There possibly could be.
The farm could have an octopus as a mascot.

How beneficial has it been to work on your project at this stage here at SPACE on Ryder Farm. And how has it been different working here than from other places you’ve worked during the development of it?
My book Dying To Meet You is about how I was given a baby and a new heart in the same year, 2010. It has been totally invigorating while I finish this book to have my daughter, the subject of my memoir at Space, running around, being creative, stamping out the ghostly possibility of my near death and her birth in 2010.  

Interview by Malik Reed.