What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Chiara Atik and I’m from San Diego. Well, now, from New York--Brooklyn.

Have you lived in New York since college?
Yeah, since I was 18. I went to NYU for playwriting.

What are you working on here at SPACE?
I’m at SPACE working on a Sloan Commission that I was here last year working on as well, but it’s progressed, and this year I’m up here with actors and a director working on it.

What’s it about?
It’s about pregnancy in three different storylines. One takes place in colonial times; it’s about a woman giving birth in a one-room cottage. The other is a pregnancy message board online, and there’s a man whose daughter is pregnant.

What’s up next for you and your project?
That’s kind of what this week is going to determine!

Are you working on it with EST [Ensemble Studio Theatre]?
Yeah. We did a workshop of it, with two public performances back in March. This was supposed to be a slight revision, but it’s turned into a little bit more intense rewrites than I thought.

If there’s a question dominating your work right now, what is it?
I spend like 90% of my life online or on my phone or texting people or reading things rather than talking person-to-person, so how do you reflect that onstage and make that dynamic and interesting onstage? That sort of two-dimensionality of our lives?

Does that play into the pregnancy play?
Yeah, a little. Because that one track takes place via a message board.

Where have you been spending most of your time on the farm?
In my room! I got the presidential suite this time. I’m in Ely. It’s sick, it’s really good, the air conditioner is right above the bed. It has a desk. It’s perfect. I lucked out big-time. I also love to spend time in The Sycamores just poking around, but I don’t usually write there. Too distracting!

If you were reincarnated as a farm animal, what animal would you be and why?
I would be a donkey, because they’re like really friendly, really food-motivated, really stubborn. I think those are the three things, basically. I love Romeo [one of SPACE’s resident donkeys], but I couldn’t find him last night.

By Maggie Gayford