What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Lucy DeVito and I’m from Los Angeles, California.

And what are you working on during your time at the farm?
I’m working on Chiara Atik’s new play that’s called Mechanic Midwife, although that may change,with EST.  I’m here as an actor to let Chiara hear it out loud, as she’s rewriting it and working on it. It’s a Sloan commission addressing child birth in modern day and puritan times.  It’s a comedy about the effect of the internet on how we go about giving birth.

What are you up to after your time on the farm?
I’m going back to the city and then home to LA to see my family while working on a web series.  I’m doing a lot of little things here and there, a lot of traveling and auditioning.

Where was your favorite place to work on the farm?
We worked as a group in Kay Hall, but for me I really like the hammock.  The hammock is just so comfy.  We had a little meeting in the creepy parlor, I’ve been down to the yurt, just all over.  I love hanging out on the bowling green too; I guess I just love being here.

And finally, what farm animal would you be reincarnated as if you were given the chance?
Let’s see…  that’s hard.  I didn’t get to see the cat this time, the mean cat.  I like the mean cat.  Of the animals I did see, I had a really good interaction with the cows.  A cow came up to me, just said hey, and we had a great connection.  When I first came here I tried to “Baa” at the sheep, that didn’t work out so well.  I also had a great interaction with an inchworm, actually.  I would be the inch worm, like this specific inch worm that I saw.  He just had the “it” factor, you know?