What is your name and where are you from?
Jim Strouse, I live in Brooklyn. I’m from Goshen, Indiana. I’ve been in Brooklyn almost 10 years, but I’ve been in New York for about 20. I’ve just moved around.

What’s the project you’re working on here?
I’ve been working on a couple things, but I’m working on a script about twins that I’m writing for Jemaine Clement. I love him. It started with--I made a movie with him, and we talked about doing an American accent and he was working on it. This idea bloomed from that because his accent was really--his American persona was really funny. Everything was super awesome all the time. I  thought, “well, it’s not right for the part for the movie we’re making but I want to come back to that, like American Jemaine’s idea of an American playing an American, and write something kind of around that.”  So that’s the main thing I’ve been working on.

What stage is it in?
I came here to finish it. It was really quick, it was so fun to write, but I got to like page 70 and kind of fell off a cliff a little bit. My main goal here is to finish it, give it an ending, just to get it across the finish line so I can have an ending, so I can look at the whole thing and revise it. It’s been really helpful to be here. You know how you get focused on thinking about things a certain way, so just to break out of my routine and be in the space has been very helpful to see it I can break an ending.

What’s next for you after this?
Well, tonight I’m going to my screening at BAM. Immediately what’s next is I’ll return home a more thoughtful, balanced father. Tell my kids about this place. I mean it’s been really restorative in that way; I’ve been really holed up in Brooklyn. So I’ll go back to writing and parenting in Brooklyn.  I’m trying to-- you know, as a working filmmaker it’s always hustling a little bit for projects, it’s a freelance lifestyle--I’m not exactly sure career-wise or work-wise what’s next, just always looking for jobs.

Where do you spend most of your time on the farm?
You know, I hate to say, I’ve been in my room the whole time. I mean, I like to walk around and stuff but I’ll get too stimulated trying to actually write outside, so mostly if I’m working on something I’m holed up in the room with the curtains down. But it's nice to take walks in between. I also kind of like the gazebo. I’ve been there a couple times to work and read.

If you were reincarnated as a farm animal, what animal would you be and why?
Oh geez, I have to think of all the ones to choose from. You know what first popped into my head? I hate it, I hate  that it’s the first thing that popped into my head,  but a chicken. A nervous chicken, because I have a lot of anxiety [laughs]. I’d be like a pecking chicken, just nervous about what’s going to happen, when the food’s coming. For better or worse. I’d like to say something more interesting or more noble.

Interview by Maggie Gayford