What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Janet Noh and I’m originally from Seattle, Washington. I’ve been living in New York City for a few years now, so I consider myself a New Yorker.

What have you been working on while at the farm?
I’m working on PANGAEA the Musical. I’m the composer and co-wrote the story. It is a story about a family of continents (yes--walking, talking, singing continents) who break apart, and the family tries to reconnect. It’s a wild allegory about a vision for the world where we can all become One again as in Pangaea.

Where have you spent most of your time on the farm?
I am an outdoors person and it’s so hard to find good writing space outside in the hustle and bustle of NYC. So I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful green campus here.

What’s up next for your project after you leave SPACE?
My collaborator, Lee Summers, and I will be doing a developmental workshop of PANGAEA the Musical. It’s with an amazing organization called Bingham Camp Theatre Retreat. It is dedicated to increasing diversity on and offstage. Often times, people just focus on how much diversity you see onstage. It’s important to make sure that the creative team who is behind the scenes comes from different backgrounds as well. I’m super excited. We just finalized our cast this morning. I don’t think we’re allowed to announce just yet, but I’m super stoked. We’re going into crazy rewriting mode now. We’ve thrown away so much good material, trying not to be precious, to make room for even better stuff. PANGAEA’s a-changing.

If you were reincarnated to be a farm animal which animal would you be and why?  
Maybe it’s ‘cause I saw them while I was working by the chicken coop, but I’d be a sheep. Sheep keep people warm all year around with their fur. And they don’t hurt you. They’re so sweet and calm.