What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Sarah Burgess. I’m originally from the suburbs of Washington D.C. A suburb called Alexandria. But I’ve been in New York for my whole adult life. 


What project are you working on here at SPACE?
I mean, the honest answer is I’ve been working on a few different things. I’ve been doing research and reading for a writing job that I’m starting on Monday. But as far as something that’s like not a job that someone hired me for I am-tonight-going to share a part of a new play that I’ve been working on. I actually wrote the first scene of it here I think last year or two years ago and now it’s like a full rough draft so I haven’t been doing a lot of work on that this week but I am going to do some work on that after tonight when I hear that scene.


So where have you been spending most of your time on the farm this week?
The hammock. Oh yeah, the hammock that we talked about.


Yes! Which one? The one by the tree or the one by the other tree?
The one by the other tree. The one that’s further away from everything. And also in Kay Hall a lot. 


Do you find it easier to write indoors where there’s less stimulus?
It depends. I think the indoors probably because it’s familiar.  But I was actually outside a lot, because when I realized I had a lot of reading to do which I found out like two days ago, that’s when the hammock really came into play.


Nice. Is the reading for this project you’re starting on Monday?


So what’s coming up next for these projects you’re working on?
I guess the terrible answer is I don’t know. For either of them, I don’t know. I mean, the product is just like a limited tv series that I’m excited about. It’s not clear when it’s going to air.


Are you allowed to elaborate on the tv project at all?
It is a limited series on Showtime that is filming next year. But because I haven’t started yet I don’t know a lot of the details about it. And my play I think will be done-the play that I started here- which is right now called “Kings” will be done in New York in about a year and a half. At least that’s the plan right now?


So how does that happen? After you write a piece, are you like “I want to have this produced.” Whats the step in between writing it and having it produced?
Well I just had my first ever play produced.  It was helpful that I was in a writer’s group. Actually I was in the writer’s group here and also at Ars Nova in New York City. And so I wrote that play and then I had a reading of that at Ars Nova and someone from that theatre saw that reading. I was also using it to apply for things and it got passed up to the head of the Public Theatre, Oskar Eustis, and that was how that got done. But it’s different for different writers. 


Last question. If you were reincarnated as a farm animal, which animal would you be and why?Well yeah, it’s hard not to say…


The baby pony?
The baby pony! Is everyone saying that?


No, no one’s said that yet. I think you’re the first person to be interviewed since the baby pony hit the scene. 
Ok good. Although it’s also like fragile, I actually...that seems somewhat terrifying. But yeah.