What’s your name/where are you from?
My name is Rebecca Hart and I live in New York.

What project(s) have you been working on with your time here at SPACE?
I’ve just been sort of just working on writing new songs… I sorta came here with a concept that I quickly abandoned but has been serving as a container idea for generating new songs. The other thing is a very, in the beginning stages of a collaboration with myself and a playwright who’s writing a play about witches and the history of witchcraft in America… So I’ve been talking with her and writing a few songs based on that.

Where have you been spending most of your time here at SPACE?
I took over the garage and made it into a music shed since there’s a piano in there.

You’ve mentioned the witch piece you’re working on. What else is coming up for your projects?
There’s a lot of things floating around. I came here in the winter too to work on a record I was about to start ("The Magician's Daughter", in Louisville with Ben Sollee as producer/collaborator, which material deals mostly with the death of my father in various ways), and spent three days practicing and writing for that.   I am still working on that record, adding material, re-recording some things,  now in NYC with other folks. This summer I am heading to Hartford Theaterworks to  do 'Midsummer, a play with songs' (acting and playing guitar/singing), and then I am starting NYU's Graduate Program in Musical Theatre Writing in the Fall.  But I noticed recently I’ve been very attached to songs about places, and I've been focusing on that this week. Sometimes real places, sometimes imaginary places ... I’ve been for years kicking around the idea of song lines. It’s an Australian Aboriginal concept that the world was literally sung into being by the ancestors... and their 'song lines' are literal places in the earth, across the country, that correspond to different songs. That is, they both are the songs themselves, and correspond to the songs that put them there. I can't get that idea out of my head, and I keep thinking, what does that mean to me, 'what are my song lines', in my life?  so I’ve been taking time here to explore where that idea will take me.

If you could be reincarnated as a farm animal what would you choose?
I would choose the chicken that visits me in the garage every morning. He pokes his head in and sees what I’m working on.

Where can people find you? Do you have a website?
Sure. You can find me online. I have a website and am on social media.