What’s your name/where are you from?
My name is Allison Leyton Brown. I came here from New York but originally I’m from Toronto. I’ve been in New York for fifteen years.

What do you do?
I’m a musician. I write and perform and teach it for a living. My preference is scores. I’ve moved on to doing a lot more scoring for television, movies and plays. I’m also in a Louisiana style band and am in my own jazz trio. That style of music really spoke to me when I first visited New Orleans and when I got back to New York I found the right people and we’ve been playing for about four years now.

What instruments do you play?
Mainly piano, that’s kind of my speciality. But I play various instruments way less well such as guitar and wind instruments. But I never learned to play a stringed instrument which bums me out. But I write for all of them so I have to understand what each instrument is capable of to put it into a piece.

What are you working on here at SPACE?
What’s crazy is being here has allowed me to really explore my music on my own and really just write music that has no connection to anyone else but myself. So I’ve been able to work on anything that comes to me. The big goal was originally to write a new album and just yesterday I realized it was happening. It took me by surprise. I began realizing all the work I’ve allowed to come actually can live together on an album. This is definitely the start of a much bigger project.

What will be next for you after SPACE?
Like I said this is going to become a much bigger project but where I see this going in the immediate future is putting these arrangements on live people to try and put the pieces together. The goal is the album, so I’m already thinking ahead of what track goes where and how to thread them all together.

Where have you been spending most of your time here?
I’ve been in the garage. I think that garage is just amazing! It’s an amazing space with a lot of energy. I think the piano in there definitely adds to the energy, playing a real piano is so helpful at times.

If you could be reincarnated as a farm animal which one would it be?
I keep coming back to horse. They’re so cool and majestic and I respect them so much. They have such amazing oscillation between stillness and movement which is so musical. There’s such a unique rhythm horses have that make them appear to be moving even when perfectly still.