What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Nedra Marie McClyde and I’m originally from Maryland but I’ve been living in Brooklyn for over 10 years.

What are you working on here at SPACE?
I’m working on adapting a feature length screenplay into a pilot for a series.

Did you write the screenplay? If so, when did that happen?
I did, I was doing a play at The Old Globe in San Diego in 2012 or 13 and was asked by a filmmaker friend of mine to submit a feature length screenplay to the Sundance Lab. I had this idea in my head about a story that tackled mass incarceration and re-entry. In nine days I got the script down, knew it wasn’t going to be chosen for the lab, but just wanted to get the first draft done. I’ve been working on it on and off since then.

What led to you turning it into a pilot?
I did a few workshops of the screenplay with some really talented actor friends of mine. In the last workshop, there were so many questions about the world I was creating, that I realized too much was there to encompass in just two hours. 

Have you found a favorite spot to work in here on the farm?
I wish I could say “Oh, sitting by the lake” “Oh, being outside” but you know I find the most focus being in my room at my desk. 

Which room are you in?
The Belle. When I need a break it’s nice to know I can come out and walk around to the lake and go paddle boating or I’ll sit in the barn. To actually work though, I guess because it’s an official desk and I’ve setup my laptop, I can kind of look out the window and not be too distracted by bugs crawling around on my legs. 

If you could be reincarnated into a farm animal which farm animal would you be?
Can Monkeys be farm animals? 

Why not?! What do you like about Monkeys?
Monkeys are very social animals. They always have family or loved ones close to them. They’re always touching each other and picking bugs off each other. I’ve always loved being touched and massaged and people playing in my hair. They also have a really great balance between just enjoying life, fucking swinging from trees and being free and having a deep connection to...I don’t know their spirituality or purpose. They seem like animals who have an awareness. 

Where can people find you?
My website is www.nedramcclyde.com, I’m on instagram @nedramcfly and I’m also on Facebook at Nedra McClyde.