What’s your name and where are you from?
John Early. I’m from Nashville Tennessee. I’ve lived in New York for the past ten years.

What do you do?
I’m a comedian and actor.

What have you been working on here at SPACE?
My main collaborator and best friend Kate Berlant (she’s not here) and I are working on two projects. One’s a TV show we’re developing. So we’re structuring/writing the pilot. And our other, more immediate project is a mini series we shot together for Vimeo. It’s like five short films where we play radically different characters in each one. We shot it in March and I’m editing it.

Do you tend to edit your own work?
Sort of. Some of it is edited by myself. Others I worked with others. I like to be involved and not step away from any part of the process so I learned how to edit. Most of my minimal technical skills come from making stuff on my own so I had to learn on the job. 

Have you always wanted to be a comedian and actor or did one line of work stem from the other?
I always knew I wanted to be in some sense a comedic performer. I fell in love with I Love Lucy and SNL, and then as I grew older I started to watch Comedy Central stand ups like Margaret Cho, Sandra Bernhard, Sarah Silverman, all these great comics. The urge for stand up REALLY came after acting school. I just didn’t feel I was approaching the level of humor I was interested in so I felt I had to break away to stand up. It just seemed like the purest form of comedy. Then as it went on I was able to communicate my aesthetic to everyone. 

Where have you found yourself spending your time here?
I’ve been spending a lot of time in Kay Hall. There’s something really great about working at that table by all the windows. I just think it’s a nice, open space. And I went to the lake yesterday and that was just beautiful.

What’s next after SPACE?
Kate and I have to finish editing that mini series and turn it in by November 1st. And then the release date for that and the half hour series we’re working on is still TBD.

If you were reincarnated as a farm animal which one would it be?
I think the donkey. The way it was shrieking and running, I just thought “I get you”. Then though, when it reached where I was at the fence it just wanted to be pet and loved. It was so sweet. So yeah, I feel spiritually connected with the donkey.