What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Clare Barron. I’m from a town called Wenatchee, Washington, which is in eastern Washington State.

What are you here working on at SPACE?
A couple things. One is a new play that doesn’t have a name yet. I actually wrote a little bit of it last summer so it’s nice to return to it here. The subject matter is a little bit about the grey areas in sexual ethics and sexual violation inside of relationships. I’m also working on a TV show. 

Have you found your favorite place to work on the farm?
Every time I come here I go somewhere else. Last time I was here I always wrote down at the dock. This time I’m staying in the Elizabeth room which I love to work in. Partly because it’s a beautiful room and partly because Boo Killebrew stayed there last year so I associate it with her. It’s nice to close the door and be in a very private place but still be able to see the trees.

What’s next for you and your projects?
I’m in a breathing moment right now. I opened a show this spring that was the culmination of a year long whirl-wind experience. I’m working on a few different plays. I have some workshops coming up where we’re going to include the use of dance, movement and different vocal elements. The most exciting thing for me right now is that I’m figuring out how I like to work and develop my material which is something that I didn’t know two years ago. Now I’m working on ways to make that happen.

If you had to be reincarnated into a farm animal which animal would you be? 
I already know. It would be Tinkerbell the baby donkey because she is so cute, feels like a teddy bear and has the tiniest little hooves.