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Share Size

Full Share (8-12 items, can feed a household of 3-4) Available in Every Week or Every Other Week Options Half Share (4-6 items, can feed a household of 1-2) Only available in Every Week Option

Pickup Schedule

Every Week (18 weeks, June-October)
Every Other Week (9 weeks, June-October) (available for Full Share Only)

Pickup Location

Ryder Farm - Wednesdays from 3-7pm
NYC (Manhattan location TBD) - tentatively set for Saturdays


SPACE is deeply committed to ensuring Ryder Farm is a source of inspiration and nourishment for everyone. In that spirit, SPACE is offering sliding scale price options for each share size so that our CSA membership is accessible to the fullest spectrum of our community as possible. A limited number of shares at each price point are available, and sliding scale pricing is offered on the honor system, and on a first-come first-served basis.

To ensure we can serve as many members as possible, we ask that you please choose the pricing structure that most closely matches you and your families income. For more information on how a Sliding Scale works, and tips to help you assess which option is best for you, please refer to [this explainer][0].

Good Neighbor Member

Help SPACE to ensure that everyone in our community has access to healthy and sustainable food by purchasing a Good Neighbor membership, or by making a donation of any size to the fund. Membership covers your own CSA share plus the cost of subsidizing a share for someone else in need. In addition to your weekly shares of art + produce (share size is up to you!) a Good Neighbor membership includes:

  • Two special works of art from SPACE’s artist alumni
  • Two seats at our annual Farm Host thank you dinner
  • Invitations to exclusive SPACE alumni events