Applications for the SPACE 2019 Residency Season will be open on August 13th and close on October 8th  

Dear friends, alumni and future residents,

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve been guided by the conviction that what SPACE provides--restorative and generative time and space away from the demands of everyday life--should be accessible for everyone. This has led to our partnership with the Lilly Awards Foundation to create the Family Residency for artist parents and their children, the foundation of our Creative Solutions Symposium for organizers and activists working in the social justice sphere, and the creation of our newest program, The Greenhouse Residency for very early-career playwrights. Further, by fully-subsidizing all individual and small group residencies in 2017, and our commitment to granting at least 50% of residencies to persons of color and underrepresented voices, reducing barriers of access to the opportunities offered at Ryder Farm has been a central value and a programmatic priority for SPACE as we have continued to grow.

I’m incredibly invigorated by the work that SPACE has done in this regard, and because of it we’ve seen staggering increases in the number of residency applications submitted each year: from 298 applications representing 584 individuals in 2016 to 1,112 applications representing 2,092 individuals in 2018.

As the number of residencies SPACE can offer is currently limited to roughly 150 individuals each season, SPACE has observed a rigorous and unique application process, with each application being reviewed by at least two members of the industry, and subsequent rounds of review and then interviews with our curation team. Maintaining the integrity of this process has become increasingly time and labor intensive for our small but mighty staff and ever-expanding team of readers as the number of applications and competitiveness of each program has grown.

For our 2019 season, we are making a few changes to our application process to ensure we can continue to evaluate applications fairly and comprehensively, while continuing to provide opportunities for new residents. Most notably, we are changing the application timeline: applications for the 2019 Residency Season will open on August 13th and close on October 8th. This will provide our team with the necessary time to review applications and curate the season.  


  • Application fees will be lowered to $7 for all individual and small group programs, and $13 for Institutions. The Greenhouse Residency and Creative Solutions Symposium will remain free to apply.

  • We are more clearly defining how many slots will be allocated to alumni each year. Beginning with our 2019 season, 30% of residency opportunities will be offered to returning residents/alumni, and alumni will have a slightly different application to submit.

  • A maximum of 4 collaborators will now be able to apply together, instead of 5.

  • Institutional Residencies for strategic planning, retreats and artistic workshops will now be offered outside of our June-October high season. Institutional Residencies for commissioned artists and small writing teams will continue to be offered during the season.

We understand this change to SPACE’s application timeline is significant, and appreciate your understanding as we adjust to meet the increasing demand for time and space on the farm. We look forward to reviewing your applications soon!

All the best,


Emily Simoness
Co-Founder and Executive Director


SPACE 2019 Application Timeline

August 13, 2018 - Applications for all programs open

August 29, 2018 at 6:30pm - In Person Application Information Session

August 30, 2018 at 12:30pm - Facebook Live Application Information Session

October 8, 2018 - Applications for all programs close

Beginning of April 2019 - All applicants are notified of their final status


New Application Info Sessions

Want to learn more about applying to SPACE? We will be holding two application information sessions in-person and online in August. We'll take your questions and discuss the changes to our application process and how to best represent your work and your project in your application. Registration is free, RSVP required.