We selected our 2019 residents from more than 1,200 applicants. Limitations of time and space mean we cannot support all of the exceptional applicants we encounter through our selection process. We want to draw your attention to SPACE's 2019 Finalists, who represent some of the most exciting artists and activists today. Please click on a person's name to learn more or contact them.

The Working Farm

Lucas Baisch, Stephen Brown, Sandra Daley-Sharif, Erika Dickerson, Sarah Einspanier, Dan Giles, Isaac Gomez, Trish Harnetiaux, Monet Hurst-Mendoza, Nevada Lozano, Joe Necessary, Dianne Nora, Christopher Gabriel Nuñez, Zarina Shea, Caitlin Saylor Stephens, Ruth Tang

Family Residency

Mando Alvarado, Nicki Pombier Berger, Ilana Brownstein, Jason Spiegel-Grote, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Mary Henderson, Jessie Henson, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Monica Johnson, Max Masure, Deidre Struck

GREEnhouse residency

DaMonique Ballou, Pauline David-Sax, Kimberly Fraher, Briana Gause, Edgardo Leon, Jacob Jarrett, Abraham Johnson, Steven Meeker Jr., Monte Monteleagre, Imani Redman, Camilo Reyes, Daniel Robinette, Thalia Sablon, Melinda Sekela

creative residency

Charyse Bailey
Charyse: A sonic exploration of perfect imperfection.

Nell Bang-Jensen, Scott Sheppard, Lee Minora, Matteo Scammell
Nosejob: A devised play that weaves together narratives of a 9th century nun, contemporary college campus and an imagined future to chronicle twelve centuries of desire, power, and penance.

Vivian Barnes
Untitled Sea Mink Project: The Sensational Sea Mink-ettes are dazzling dancers, daring divas, dynamic damsels...and disappearing.

Lila Becker, Eric Marlin, Marieta Carrero
and come apart: As three daughters gather for their mother’s passing, ancient family wounds are reopened as the audience, blindfolded for the play, eavesdrops on these women’s conversations.

Eliza Bent
The Light at the End of the Tunnel: A new musical about the MTA.

Lily Bevan
Hen: A new irreverent comedy play about a hen (UK) or bachelorette (USA) party.

Alexander Borinsky, Shelly Oria
Collaborative Queer Apocalypse Suite: A collaboratively written play and short story about gender and a postapocalyptic world.

Lyndsey Bourne
Purity Ball: A purity ball play examining the policing of women’s sexuality.

Michael Breslin, Patrick Foley, Julian Hornik
Our Show: A deep dive into the High School Musical Theater Industrial Complex.

David Bridel, David Warshofsky, Kristina Lear, Caitlyn Conlin
Norman and the Circus: Would you rewrite your past for your freedom?

Erin Buckley
Ashram: Om Guru Om.

Mimi Cabell
Editor’s Choice: A project that addresses the multiple decisions that govern every step of the creation and dissemination of images of photojournalism, and how these decisions may or may not, consciously or unconsciouly, conform to historical biases within photographic representation.

Abby Cali
Loss: A Graphic Novel of Friendship, Grief, and Healing

Eugenie Chan, Byron Au Yong
Chan Family Picnic: A New Vaudeville: This project, in English with Chinese, explores an American legacy of anti-Asian legislation, sex trafficking, race & exploitation through the multi-generational history of the playwright’s family as Gold Rush immigrants – a story of hard-scrabble peasants sold into prostitution, turned madam or gambler when legitimate employment became impossible.

Huiying Bernice Chan
Remember Our Light: My memoir brings to life stories from my travels to Chinatowns around the world and centers migration and resilience of the diaspora globally, beginning with my own family's story.

Sam Chanse
what you are now: a play about inherited trauma, the plasticity of memory, and the hope of changing our past.

Ryan Conarro
Saints of Failure: An interdisciplinary solo performance in which Conarro gathers at a vanity table with Jung, Joan of Arc, and the Holy Trinity to debate sexuality and gender identity while putting on a whole lot of makeup.

Cusi Cram
Village Voice Project: A play about the history of Dissent at the Village Voice.

Nancy Daly
Visual Literacy: Began as a flashcard game from my series, "One Must Consider Them Happy," where players try to identify names, titles and phrases from popular culture given only images.

Cathy Dang
Candor Towards Progress: An piece on an organizer's life reflections and lessons learned from organizing and movement building.

Elizabeth de Souza
SLEEPING IN THE FIRE: The Black Artist in America: A work of creative nonfiction that illumines stories about African-American visual artists of the past and present.

Heidi Diehl
The Bridge: I'm working on a novel about a coastal town threatened by sea-level rise.

Kate Doyle
"I Meant It Once," Short Fiction: A book of evocative, funny, formally inventive short fiction about young women's lives.

Max Esposito
Only if it Makes Cents: A conversation about social justice issues between and within cultures in Boston by way of a documentary slash visual hip-hop album.

Catherine Feliz
The Mangrove Files: Writing and photography on the revolutionary nature of plant spirits.

Rico Frederick
Feast On Our Famine: A combination of design & poetry which talks about being West Indian/African American in the US, and the survival tactics used to navigate spaces of race and cultural tension.

Julian Giat
Norman and Jean: An 80 year-old woman tries to figure out if she can break up with her 92 year-old boyfriend.

Franky Gonzalez
The Extraordinary EB-1; The Title Run of Edgar Bolaños: A play about an undocumented Latinx boxer trying to win a world title to earn the visa necessary to stay in the U.S.

Kearra Amaya Gopee
Untitled: Photography series on post-colonial queer Caribbean identity.

Kate Hamill, Kristin Leahy
The Jungle: A radical new adaptation of Sinclair's labor classic.

Vincente Hansen
When we took the fire: An evening-length mixed media piece for 3D-printed double reeds commissioned by The Shed.

Sean Hudock, Deborah Yarchun, Illana Stein
hans & sophie: An immersive two-character play about The White Rose, an underground student-led Nazi resistance movement, inspired by the book At the Heart of the White Rose.

Lindsay Joelle, Kimberly Senior, Alexandra Espinoza, Shane Kenyon
The Garbologists: A full-length play about an unexpected friendship in a garbage truck.

Taylor Johnson, JeNae Taylor, Jonathan Lykes, Will Johnson
#FreeBlackMamasDMV: How might we amplify the absurdity of prisons through story sharing and performance art with an ensemble of Black women?

Sukari Jones, Troy Anthony
POWER: A 1792 underground railroad conductor woman tries to free slaves in spite of themselves and white abolitionist allies; meanwhile in 1992 Anita Hill dares to give testimony during the Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas.

Nicholas Kaidoo
KLANDESTINE: a Gospel in Four Acts: An epic play about the KKK, blackness, and American theopolitics.

Alyssa Kim
The Institution: This multi-part interactive and immersive experience explores perspective in a world divided by fear.

Danielle Krudy
Golden Gate: A pioneer woman becomes a powerful tycoon in Gold Rush San Francisco.

KT Looney
House of Telescopes: A magical realism play about queer family structures and ancestry.

Liz Maestri
Harborfront: A one-hour dramedy about an artificial, Disney-o-fied city.

Deborah Margolin
Just Give Me One Half-Hour With My Mother: A comedy about the odd, unexpected aspects of mourning.

Sam Mayer
TAYLOR play (untitled housewives play): A play about: reality tv, porn, acting and being watched.

Janine McGuire, Arri Lawton Simon
Borders: A new musical about two men, one Israeli and one Palestinian, who fall in love during the Second Intifada in the early 2000s.

Greg Moss, Dan Rothenberg
Terraforming: A play about post-human life on Mars.

Arpita Mukherjee, Divya Mangwani, Kuldeep Singh, Deepsikha Chatterjee
Elements of Change: An educational play about climate change for the young audiences and families.

Kate Mulley
American Drama: A novel about an American playwright teaching American drama in London.

Cheeyang Ng, Eric Sorrels
The Golden Threshold: Set in 1930s India and follows a young Indian woman’s mission to change the world and asks what we leave behind when history doesn’t remember us.

Drew Paryzer
Muzzle Tough: A “playable play” that uses audience-interactive VR to help tell the coming-of-age story of a grandchild of Holocaust survivors.

Lauren Petty, Shaun Irons
All Over Everywhere: An immersive, trans-disciplinary media and performance installation, which engages connections and confrontations between human beings, technology and the natural world.

Khaliah Pitts
awed + hungry: remembering the Black kitchen: A collection of  essays, poems, stories and songs documenting how Black folks find freedom in the kitchen, peeking from under the table, awed and hungry.

Karisma Price
Prelude to Seperation: A full-length poetry manuscript revolving around the ideas of kinship, the underrepresented, and the unacknowledged in black America.

Michael Rain
The ENODI Project: A storytelling project highlighting the lives of first generation people and immigrants  of African, Caribbean and Latin descent.

Cecelia Raker, Adam Sussman
bread/blood: An immersive challah-baking performance that investigates mixed religious identity and privilege through communal breaking of bread and sharing of story.

Jeremy Redleaf
Threads: An anthology that sews unexpected connections between New Yorkers by way of discarded clothing.

Patrick Riedy
The soft authority of fur: Hybrid poetry and fiction manuscript concerning post-industrial Buffalo and the relationship between a son and his illiterate father.

Tlaloc Rivas, Megan Rivas
DIVISIDERO: A new play which examines white fragility and the erasure of Latinx narratives.

Michael Rodriguez
Camp Brave: An original animated series that follows the adventures of the dangerously-shy Willard (13) and his LGBT, non-binary, gender nonconforming tribe of brethren at Camp Brave, Wisconsin’s first summer camp for LGBT queer youth.

Emma Rozanski, Gonzalo Escobar Mora
Fragile Spheres: A multi-channel video installation with accompanying ephemeral works of art.

Travis Russ
The Gorgeous Nothings: Based on true events, this play reconstructs the extraordinary, campy, and sometimes heartbreaking history of a group of homosexuals unjustly imprisoned and quarantined on NYC’s Welfare Island during the 1930s for committing "lewd and unnatural acts which offend the public decency” (Penal Law 722, section 8).

Jennifer Schmidt
Animated Graphic Tableau: Animation of letterpress printed graphics and living plants to create a moving image graphic tableau.

Alec Seymour
Ginger and Drew!: The hit sitcom "Ginger & Drew" has the masses of the future brainwashed, but a surprise change in the cast forces viewers to rethink their fandom and rebuild their lives.

Charly Evon Simpson
Weathered: play about the weathering of black women.

Carlos Sirah, James Burns
The Body Williams: A man leaves prison to return to his New Orleans neighborhood, but he's plagued by dreams, phantoms, history and a neighborhood still in recovery.

Emily Tepe
Inside Out - A One Act Opera: Exploring the vital need for women to give voice to their instinctive reactions in the face of abuse.

Elizabeth Warren, Tasha Van Zandt
After Antarctica: A feature-length documentary that follows Will Steger on his treacherous seven-month journey across the coldest continent on earth.

Amy Wheeler, Lisa Rothe, Natalie Nowytski, Liz Engelman
The Last Babushka: A play by Amy Wheeler about elder women living in Chernobyl's dead zone.

Whitney White
All Is Fantasy: The second installation in a series of concert-plays that take a radical look at Shakespeare's women, blackness, and the costs of female ambition.

Kit Yan, Melissa Li, Natasha Sinha
Miss Step Musical: A heartfelt 80s dance musical comedy featuring an all trans and non-binary lead cast, live aerobics, stunts, competition and exercise!